Samsung's latest Apple-targeting ad slams battery life, calls iPhone users 'wall huggers'



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    andysolandysol Posts: 2,506member
    That last lady on the Samsung has 10% battery life remaining and it said "Estimated max use: 1 Day".


    Samsung: We last longer in Airplane mode than the iPhone does streaming.  #Winning
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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,368member
    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    They've simply taken a page from the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads.

    I truly wish Apple's advertising would strap on a pair, instead of the atmospheric, feel-good, aimlessly repetitive efforts of late.

    Be sure to let Phil Schiller know.


    Yeah, sure. That'll do it.
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    rcoleman1rcoleman1 Posts: 153member

    I charge my iPhone 5S once every night and it lasts all day long, even after streaming music and watching videos. Once you know how to adjust the settings it's battery power is more than adequate for the average consumer. Once again Samsung is praying on the uneducated iPhone user. :no:

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    mikesmokemikesmoke Posts: 58member
    Well, I an Apple kind of person and most likely will continue that way. However, I do wish my iPhone could squeeze some more time out of a charge. I'm an avid cyclist and use GPS tracking for longer rides. It will last about 6 hours, but I realize GPS is putting a pretty heavy hit on power. So I take along a USB power pack. No problem.
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    I'm surprised they didn't capitalize on the people who were electrocuted (by non-Apple chargers/cables).

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    rcoleman1rcoleman1 Posts: 153member

    I charge my iPhone 5S once every night and it lasts all day long, even after streaming music and watching videos. Once you know how to adjust the settings it's battery power is more than adequate for the average consumer. Once again Samsung is praying on the uneducated iPhone user. :no:

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    another reason not to buy any ss products.


    why would you want to make fun of people who may or may not be future customers. i personally don't own any ss products just because i don't truth them.

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    imemberimember Posts: 247member
    Ultra power saving mode - sounds innovating but is not, transforming your tablet-phone into a mobile from 90's is called a gimmick, as for swapping batteries i'm guessing Shamesung heard of cases with batteries but they ignore it and use this line to sell their cheap plastic
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    Originally Posted by boeyc15 View Post


     IMO, the ability to change the battery, insert memory is a plus for power users.


    I'd rather have a USB charger pack than a spare battery because at least I can still use it when I get a new phone (and it works for other devices).  Bonus points for not having to duct tape my phone together after a couple of years because the battery slot has worn out.

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    Originally Posted by Apple v. Samsung View Post

    I just looked it up and I honestly can't find a report to say the Samsung galaxy s 5 does not have better battery life then the iPhone 5s. It seems Samsung r&d has manage to beat apple at something customers care about finally


    That would be an incorrect and faulty conclusion to draw.


    The Galaxy S5 is a bigger phone, it's much heavier and also has a larger battery.

    (4 ounces for iPhone 5s VS 5.1 ounces for Galaxy S5)


    It's also butt ugly, it runs the world's worst mobile OS, the world's least secure mobile OS, and on top of that it comes with TouchWiz, as if stock Android weren't bad enough to begin with. Any monkey can make a large sized phone that has more battery life than a smaller device. That doesn't take any "R&D" talent, all it takes is a larger battery.


    Apple always destroys everybody else when it comes to battery life, when comparing comparable devices. Just wait until the Apple iPhone 5.5" comes out. Boy, is that thing going to destroy, humiliate and massacre everything else out there.


    Only a fool would ever buy a Galaxy S5. Even the name is designed to fool ignorant people who might get it mixed up with a 5S. This pathetic act of propaganda and desperation from Samsung, which is masquerading as an ad, proves that they truly fear what Apple is going to be releasing soon.


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    ryan96ryan96 Posts: 11member
    While I was watching the ad I was plugged in with my iPhone 5s. But it lasts pretty long unless you're ALWAYS on your phone which I shouldn't be but it's hard to not be with everything that I can do on it. :/
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    The iPhone's battery life would be much better if the iPhone was in standby mode most of the time, like the Samsung phones are. However, since I use my iPhone for doing a bunch of stuff every day, the battery tends discharge. Not a surprise. 

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    I really hate it when companies target ads against each other. Really! If your product is so good, why do you even bother attacking your competitions product?
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    How about videos that are only posted to a YouTube channel no longer get described as "ads" or "shots at" anyone. If a company isn't brave enough to broadcast an ad on television or external outlets then I don't think it counts as saying anything important or new. It's not even posted in a conspicuous place on their own website. A corporate YouTube channel barely amounts to more than an internal messaging archive, that a company hopes will get turned into actual publicity.
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    steyounsteyoun Posts: 11member

    @Apple vs Samsung

    Sure but that is because of the relative size of their phones. Since it is so much bigger the Galaxy S5 has a 2,800 mAh battery where as the iPhone 5S has a 1,570 mAh battery. So I bet the battery life for the iPhone will go up quite a bit if the new iPhone 6 is in fact a bigger form factor.


    I remember analyst Horace Dediu saying innovation is not making things bigger in technology it is shrinking things down that is innovative.

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    macbook promacbook pro Posts: 1,605member
    lkrupp wrote: »
    Thing is, none of these anti-Apple ads have helped Samsung much. Apple’s share of the U.S. market has grown to 42% while Samsung’s has shrunk a little.

    Samsung may have become a success mocking Apple considering Samsung is the largest "smartphone" manufacturer and apparently the only other manufacturer demonstrating profits despite a consensus of technology enthusiasts' low regard for their products.
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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    There shouldn't be any need for these then Samsung:

    I wonder where the Apple charging stations are. This seems like another bout of insecurity from Samsung. Their S5 has flopped, they have no inspiration for future designs. Expect more cheap shots as they head downhill.

    They did this with previous ads suggesting the iPhone was for older people and stats don't back that up either. When does it become libellous?

    I Wonder if same song realize how funny these pictures are.  lol

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    aderutteraderutter Posts: 549member

    How silly, they must know that most iPhone users like me charge overnight and never run out of power.

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    dstarsboydstarsboy Posts: 62member

    The ad is pretty clever but like others said, it's not quite fair to compare iPhone with a smaller battery and a more powerful processor to Samsung's larger Galaxy S5.


    Most of the reports I saw said the battery life in both is fairly decent.


    I can almost guarantee that the iPhone 6's larger battery will out perform the same sized Galaxy.


    Lastly, I don't know about "wall-hugging" but my iPhone can charge from empty to near full in less than 15 minutes or something thanks to the new lightning connector, so I imagine most iPhone users who need a charge will be on and off the wall fairly quickly.


    I don't know how fast the Galaxy S5 charges up so I can't comment.

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