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I just got back from vacation about two hours ago to find out that Apple had not released a new Powermac. Instead they gave us a lamp. I've been a long time mac user but I'm starting to loose my faith. I know you guy's have talked this MWSF fiascal to death already but what I'm looking for now is .....well I guess comfort. Comfort in the fact that I'm making the right discision in staying with Apple for at least three more months. My aging G4 500 is starting to feel sluggish and I'm not ready to dish out 3,000 dollars for a 867mhz machine. Especially one with SDRAM mem, 133mz bus, a Geoforce MX and a sh...y UltraDMA 66 bus. I've been stuck with this technology for two years now...two years. I bought the Meagahertz Myth story for too long, I want my cake now. So tell me again why I should stay with Apple and not turn over to the Dark Side.


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    Complaints go in general discussion.

    I know I'm an ass Having a bad day.
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    I use a Windows 2000 machine at work and it's one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever used. I can't believe this software is used for servers. I have more problems in a given week than I've had with OS X going back to Developer Preview 4. If your only other option is Windows then the WORST case scenario is that you're screwed either way.


    Because six months isn't that long to wait. The amount your windows machine would age in that time would probably make it about as fun to use as a 500 MHZ G4 would be by then anyway. How long have you had the G4? 2 years? It's just starting to feel sluggish? This Dell crap is less than a year old and I want to melt it down for scrap.

    Scan the boards and you'll probably see that I'm as unhappy with the current situation as most people. Part of their problem is under their control, but part isn't. I still feel that they'll offer the best solutions they can when the timing is right. That means the parts are available AND they can be put in a machine for a price. These two things will converge and there will be a new machine. It'll be better than what's available now, and better than the new iMac.

    If you're really strung out, get a dual processor upgrade card. It might give you a fix for another year....
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    I think the new iMac is cool, and I think it will sell as fast as Apple can make them. I was never too much into the original, but this thing makes me think long and hard. Add iPhoto to the mix, and I think you have a pretty strong Expo. Many folks here think so anyway.

    If you were hoping for pro gear, I don't blame you for being disappointed. I would be very surprised if we don't get some kind of upgrade by March. If that day comes and you're still not satisfied (though I'm sure you'll be able to get at least a Ghz machine, probably with a GeForce 4 too), switch over. (Or get a PC and keep your G4 around for fun stuff.) It's not the end of the world; if you really need the power, you'll probably be happier for your decision. I use Macs 'cause I like them, not because I rely on them, so the processor issue isn't as crucial to me. Whatever you decide, don't beat yourself up ... it's just a machine.
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    I don't know but I think I'm feeling better, thank's. I guess I was so worked up for this MWSF. I' really like the mac interface, the elegance and speed at which it does things still amazes me. I just fell into that hyper rambunctious forum crowd, new G5, bigger monitors, faster RAM. So does a second CPU card improve the performance a great deal? Where would I find such a gizmo?
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    "Aging G4 500" is starting to feel "sluggish"? Uh, either you're way too nitpicky to be running OS X until 10.2, you've fvcked up your system somehow, or it's all in your head. Sorry.. I just want to help. If you don't like that antiquated G4 (and really, who would), I could probably manage to take that slow-as-molasses piece of obsolete junk of your hands. But only if you'll be my friend.

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    [quote]Originally posted by applebutter:

    <strong>So does a second CPU card improve the performance a great deal? Where would I find such a gizmo?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I can't verify the speed improvements for the card, but it's available from <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> Good luck!
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    You should'nt stay. If you don't like the 'lamp' then leave.
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