Apple brings in former Burberry, Nike social media director for new retail role



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    Thanks for linking to his twitter account. A few posts that stuck out to me:


    "I think we're about to see a number of new luxury niche sports brands launching in 2014/15 @tracksmith a perfect & lovely example for runners"


    "I genuinely feel Community Management is one of the most underrated marketing roles and tools, CMO's have to impact their business."


    "The best #SocialMedia advice I can give your brand is to post less."


    It looks like he'll be a good fit. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.


    Anyone who uses 'impact' as a verb needs to be taught not to use it. Try 'affect' instead.

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    Is "We have some really great products that will be coming out" less than 140 characters?


    Never seen that film.

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