Apple fixes podcast downloading, browsing bugs with latest iTunes update

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Apple on Thursday rolled out the latest version of iTunes with bug fixes in place for updating of subscribed podcasts and episode browsing.

iTunes 11.3.1 addresses two separate podcast handling problems that caused the app to unexpectedly stop downloading new episodes of subscribed podcasts and freeze the program when browsing through podcast episodes in a list.

The minor update comes nearly one month after Apple released the last major update that brought HD iTunes Extras -- behind-the-scenes footage, short films, director commentaries, HD photos -- to Mac and Apple TV. Apple also announced that Extras will be available for iOS devices when iOS 8 debuts this fall.

Apple's iTunes 11.3.1 can be downloaded through Apple's dedicated webpage or Software Update.


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    iTunes podcasts is now so bad, it's simply unusable. 


    It looks like every time you attempt to scroll down, iTunes needs to reload the images from somewhere - quite far away, perhaps a server on Mars?


    Just trying to scroll down 1 row, seems to being up the beach ball, in about half of attempts. Flick the mouse and wait, and nothing happens, until suddenly it jerks up to the top of the just. 


    Cache pictures, and it isn't necessary to re-verify every single episode, of every single podcast, every single time it scrolls into view. 


    I've been trying to think of a more useless, badly implemented,  application.


    I can't.


    Just fix it. 



    The fact that Music, Movies, and TV work so much better makes it even more unforgivable.

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    oodlumoodlum Posts: 40member

    Edit: spoke too soon. No improvement to posdcasts whatsoever. Still beach ball city.
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