Apple's mysterious 2-story structure at site of Sept. 9 event drives frenzy even further



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    Can we get someone over there with a nice zoom lens please!

    Let's be curious, but patient. We do not want anyone breaking the law and possibly being harmed just to provide this and other rumor sites with information.
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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    The Cupertino Project.
    The iBomb.
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    jmc54jmc54 Posts: 207member

    Originally Posted by TeaEarleGreyHot View Post


    It can't just be an area for journalists to play with new toys.  If all they needed was a showroom, there are plenty of other venues that can provide an auditorium AND a showroom.  No, this is a custom-built enclosure, for something you just can't do in most showrooms. Even a convention centre would have a hall large enough for a full-scale home to be constructed inside. But for some reason, Apple needs to build a big box. They wouldn't be doing it without a reason.  In 2 weeks it will be obvious.  Meanwhile, consider it to be a gigantic, wrapped Christmas present waiting for the day.  :)

    Except another venue would never generate this kind of buzz! Talk about free advertising! Pure genius! All it lacks is a big bow on top! Time to buy more aapl!

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    With all the hype that gets generated around products & the constant trickle of photos & features, do Apple really need to even bother with these launch events?!
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    guys that 2 story structure is called a "tree".

    Geez get off the internet every once in a blue moon and go outside!

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    jeffarino wrote: »
    Think runway, YSL, Burberry, wearables (plural)...

    I watched the Burberry show (filmed with the 5S) ...

    I think you're on to something ...

    Apple has recently brought on board all this "fashion" marketing/presentation talent -- including Dr Dre and Jimmy Iodine

    Time to unleash some of that goodness on the [not so tech] world of Apple consumers.
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    This weekend Dr. Dre gets drunk again and blows the whole surprise in one tweet.
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    This weekend Dr. Dre gets drunk again and blows the whole surprise in one tweet.

    I think that's exactly the way they planned it to unfold :D

    Benjamin Twine

    Let me tell you about my best friend
    Well he's got hair down to his knees
    He gets along fine doing just how he please

    And I believe that we first met
    Around three years ago
    Well it feels like a lifetime funny how fast it goes

    And I remember how this one time
    Well I stole his sister's car
    And he didn't even mind no he jumped in for the ride

    We'd got miles away from anywhere
    When the panic soon kicked in
    We'd got it back safe and sound no one asked us where we'd been

    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh

    Let me tell you why his sister
    Why she didn't second guess
    She was going out of line, putting on her favorite dress

    And oh by God she knows she's worth it
    Any boy would tell you so
    Well a girl like that is worth her own weight in gold

    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh

    Now I made a promise to myself once
    That I would wake up by her side
    My best friend said that that would be the day I died

    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
    Ohh Oh Oh
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    jidojido Posts: 121member
    Mysterious large white building? Does it involve aliens?

    Or brains.
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    palominepalomine Posts: 362member
    mstone wrote: »
    Because it is a temporary structure, I doubt it will actually have a second floor. You would need a full reinforced concrete foundation to support load bearing beams. The public safely requirements would be too extensive for a multi-level building that was just to be used for one day.

    The shape doesn't seem like it would have very good acoustics for a concert either.

    Good catch. Hey, what if they did a sort of half-open multistory home mockup? People would be on the floor in the various products testing areas, yet could look up and see a cross section of several rooms on the insides of the building along the walls, testing remotes for lights and tech. It would NOT be open to stroll through, and be uninhabited, so no need for load bearing beams. Whole main floor open to the press with the home demo visible on the upper walls maybe?
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    How did Samsung erect such a large wall for their "wall huggers" campaign? And in Cupertino of all places?
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    Hope it's more carplay announcements.

    Man, has the aftermarket car audio industry met CarPlay with crickets or what? I'd *LOVE* to retrofit a CarPlay deck, but the dearth of choices is depressing.

    Pioneer, one of what, two? companies to offer it all, has a weird approach -- they only offer CarPlay in expensive models that include fancy navigation, voice control and other functions that are completely redundant to a CarPlay user! Why would I want to pay for all those fancy features in a unit that can access identical functions from my iPhone? It doesn't make any sense.

    I wish Apple would just make a head unit themselves, but I won't hold my breath.

    Maybe it's an actual car.
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    allenbf wrote: »

    Additional room for twerking classes with Miley Cyrus.

    Makes sense.  iWork was recently updated, time to unveil iTwerk.

    Ridiculoso! Don't be an iBerk. ????
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    <span style="line-height:1.4em;">This was my initial thought. "Wish we could</span>
    <strong style="font-style:normal;line-height:1.4em;">say</strong>
    <span style="line-height:1.4em;">more" could very well mean more advancements in voice activation/Siri tech too. </span>

    I WANT TO CONTROL MY HOME WITH MY VOICE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ideally, it would be via a two-way PA in every room. Since every room should have speakers for your music, that system would obviously include a microphone (don’t say it can’t be done cheaply; my elementary school had one and it was installed before Apple made computers with mice). Barring an installed system, having an iDevice in your pocket or in your hands and using it as the remote is the best option, and if Apple IS getting into homes it’s the one they’ll choose. 

    Still, speakers in every room is the future I desire.

    I want to just be able to say to the air, “dim the lights a bit” and it would dim the lights a bit. Or “I’d like to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and not only would it dim the lights to my preset (or off) that I set for movie watching, it would automatically turn on my TV, Apple TV, and play the movie.

    I want to be able to take a call and just walk around my house and talk (speaker/mic combo again). I want to set my HVAC and be notified about my oven and my laundry loads being completed.

    We<span style="line-height:22.399999618530273px;">’ve had the tech to make the future of the </span>
    ‘<span style="line-height:22.399999618530273px;">50s a reality for 10 years now. What</span>
    <span style="line-height:22.399999618530273px;">’s the holdup?!</span>

    No-one wants it, I'm afraid. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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    john.b wrote: »
    Just how big are the new large iPads going to be?  :lol:

    A working emoticon. Well I never.
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    tyler82 wrote: »
    Cupertino? How pedestrian. :p

    Indeed. It's where you go if you want a Cup o' tea, no? ????
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    cpsro wrote: »
    Such copycats at Apple! ;-)

    I bet Apple got its permits approved BEFORE constructing the building. And, told the truth about what it was doing. Apple's way also means no laws are being broken, no disrespect is being thrown around at the public or government.

    Hmmm... Apple once again is proving mystery and excitement can be generated by working within the law. Google has been taught once again how to not do evil.

    Couldn't have said it better.
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    pazuzu wrote: »
    The Cupertino Project.
    The iBomb.

    Man oh man. Got your thinking hat-on today.
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    whatever71 wrote: »
    With all the hype that gets generated around products & the constant trickle of photos & features, do Apple really need to even bother with these launch events?!

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    jido wrote: »
    Mysterious large white building? Does it involve aliens?

    Or brains.

    E.T. iPhone Home!
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