Can Apple buy Pixo?

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1/22/02 - Apple has Pixo a little miffed. Pixo sold the use of its operating system for the iPods for a flat rate, apparently. And Pixo is a little angry that the iPods were so successful. Read the As the Apple Turns article for more clarification on why Pixo hate s Apple.

I hope Pixo goes out of business and Apple can buy the OS outright.


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    They have no room to bitch... they were dumb enough to think the iPod wasn't going to sell... If I were to develop an OS for a PDA or anything else I'd license it... flat rate selling is DUMB and they paid the price.

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    dogcowdogcow Posts: 713member
    Does apple need to buy the whole company? why not just buy the iPod devlopment division, move all the related people from pixo to Apple and bring the OS development inhouse.
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