Samsung back on Apple-bashing bandwagon with new 'It Doesn't Take a Genius' ads



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    Is their entire customer base tech blog comment trolls?


    Because that seems to be who they are advertising to.



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    Samsung should really open up their phones. And guess what? Apple Tech. So? Samsung also relies on Apple
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    Most Samsung customers are buying on price, whereas Apple customers buy on choice without much regard for price.

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    I think the main arguments for buying Samsung Galaxy phones has just evaporated: the larger screens but also the improved cloud features will make many people that can afford it ditch their cheesy looking Samsung plastic phones.
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    Originally Posted by fallenjt View Post

    image another paid Samsung's slave lol. Samsung marketing group must be peeing in their pants now to see the last market share parting them. They could survive because Apple let them. Now, Apple present in every category that Samsung once owned... 2 versions of iPhone 6 really shake up the mobile phone world. Tim Cooks is a genius behind this decision: 4.7" to continue the domination in segment < 5" while 5.5" will take over the Phablet market. Brilliant.

    Steve jobs could talk grandly, but he also was very low key when showing off products. He let the products speak for themselves, and acted with his so-called humility and humbleness (we know he didn't have it during keynotes, but acted as best he could).


    I'd prefer low-key and let the product and specs speak for themselves.


    Yes, of course, Jobs talked about how great the products were, but stopped there without grandstanding too much and showed off the cool features. There was a strong subtlety there.


    Admittedly: haven't watched an Apple keynote since Jobs' passing. The compelling buzz is gone. There still is buzz with the controlled leaks. The pied piper is gone, though.


    Anyway, what's it all matter. Samsung appears desperate to try anything. They look pathetic. Worth a laugh at. Their ads to make fun of Apple actually backfire, to me at least, and it's more advertising and exposure for Apple, in a positive way.


    Never talk about your competitor, if you can help it.

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    I remember how simple, clear, and direct the Mac vs. PC ads were, each one highlighting one significant difference between the Mac and PC platforms. By contrast, these Samsung ads, in terms of script, acting, and editing, strike me as being something of a mess.
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    Samsdung phones are cheap feeling to me and the mobile OS sucks, there's no comparison to Apple products. Shoot, webOS was a better, more elegant system that Android.

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    Any evidence that Samsung had a hand in the messed up livestream?

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    I don't think these "advertisements" will go any further than their YouTube channel (you won't see them on the TV). As someone else mentioned, they appear to be made just to appeal to the iHaters.


    Apple doesn't need to and shouldn't respond to any of Samsung's trolling efforts, it would just take them down a notch to do so.

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    b9botb9bot Posts: 238member

    Is that how Samsung employees work? In that mess? Do they always pile customers devices on top of each other like that? I don't know about anyone else but that would concern me that my device was getting damaged by piling devices on top of each other like they were trash. Even though we already know that but anyways. As for bashing Apple products that just proves they are soooooooooo, jealous! And they are soooooo,

    scared as millions of Samsung owners will now move to the new iPhone 6 plus and finally own the phone they really wanted in the first place.

    Bye bye Samsung!

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    Do you suspect that Ive's explanation of the digital crown in the video presentation elicited the same helpless clenching that Android designers felt when they saw the presentation of the first iPhone? I mean, did they universally say, "Why didn't we think of that? It's so obvious! We have to start over from scratch!" just as they did all those years ago?
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post


    I'm not even going to bother to click on those Scamsung ads.

    I'm glad someone finally said that.  I have never clicked on these attack adverts.  Not from this despicable company, not from Microsoft!  They probably get more attention on Apple fan sites than on Android ones.  I can't tell Appleinsider how to run their site, but I'd be a much happier visitor if I never saw another post mentioning these adverts again.

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    I remember how simple, clear, and direct the Mac vs. PC ads were, each one highlighting one significant difference between the Mac and PC platforms. By contrast, these Samsung ads, in terms of script, acting, and editing, strike me as being something of a mess.

    Kind of like the difference between iPhone and Galaxy user interfaces.
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    It was Apple that claimed "No-one's going to buy a big phone".   


    Now that proved to be utterly false, Apple's copying others.  


    Someone asked:  "Really?  Explain the watch ad for me.  How does that help Samsung sell their watches? "


    Apple watches need the iPhone for it to work.  The Samsung watches don't need a phone, it's completely independent. I think Apple will follow Samsung and release their own independent watch - next year, and call it "revolutionary", when all they're doing is catching up to the rest of the competition again.    

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    They're bashing Apple so their existing users don't leave them.
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    Originally Posted by Lolliver View Post

    Why are they still advertising to the wrong customer base?!?! How is spending advertising dollars on insulting Apple, their users and apparently their own devices now goining to get them new customers? Wouldn't it make more sense to focus their advertising towards other android users or even Blackberry & Windows phone users? Of course it would make more sense for them to focus on releasing better products but I doubt that will happen either...


    Indeed. The anti watch ad seems to be dumping on the whole notion of a smart watch, including their own. And they seem to be missing that the Apple Watch only works if you have an iPhone so its not competition as much as the Moto etc that also work with Samsung phones. 


    And then theres the whole 'making folks think about your competition is a bad move'. There might be folks out there that didn't know Apple had announced a new iPhone until they saw these ads. Now they might be curious to learn more about it

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    As they say, jealousy is the greatest form of flattery. 

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    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    Does the watch ad even make sense? Are they making fun of their own watch? Were these ads created by interns?

    I hear they wanted to copy Apple so badly that they hired the company that made last years Apple Genius ads 

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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

     Regardless, it makes Apple look really bad.

    not as bad as you think. Most folks were at work and not watching the keynote anyway. And most folks don't troll around on sites like this, Gizmodo etc. In general folks get their info from main stream sources and those sources were too busy with the 5 dozen articles about every detail of what Apple announced to be bothered to mention the feed screw up

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    Originally Posted by malax View Post


    Really?  Explain the watch ad for me.  How does that help Samsung sell their watches?  And the one about the screen size pretty much just tells anyone living under a rock that one of Samsung's perceived advantages just disappeared.


    Or maybe you just forgot the \s?

    None of these ads will help Samsung sell anything. They aren't designed that way. Samsung's trying to keep folks from buying Apple, in the hopes that out of all the android phones out there, they pick Samsung

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