Online Apple Store down ahead of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus preorders



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    ATT site is crushing under the pressure also. Can't select any options so that I can place an order. 

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    Well ...

    At least I have the iOS8 GM installed on my iPhone 5S and iPad 4.
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    I get the same thing. I chose In Store Pickup, but then it doesn't let me select my store. Now when I reload, it says Unavailable. WTH?

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    I wanted to buy two 128 pluses in gold, but my heart and credit card are now cold.


    Going to bed, I will view the carnage in the morn.

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    Crazy, I get through on my iPad and iPhone 5 but when I make my selections it just keeps saying currently unavailable. What's going on?

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    Originally Posted by hamiltonrrwatch View Post


    Got a 64GB + from AT&T who went live about 10 minutes before Apple was scheduled.

    From what I saw, the 6+ showed 14-21 day delivery, the 6 showing delivery on the 19th.


    I got in 7 minutes before - I just got the confirmation and "preparing to be fulfilled" email showing a shipping date range of Oct 2 - Oct 10.  That's probably a worst-case as my experience with ATT has been that they tend to do that, but this time, who knows?

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,322member

    **** it. I'm out. What a shitty experience for early adopters. Apple, you've disappointed me. 

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    I still can't get in at 3:40AM US Eastern

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    AT&T appears to have all versions of iPhone 6 still available for delivery on the 19th, all the 6 plus are "ships in 14-21 days"

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    Mmm ... I wonder if Walmart and BestBuy are paying attention!!!
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    Is the VZW $649 model unlocked? The VZW site is the only site working but I hate VZW, want to use PTEL GSM.

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    I got my orders in for a iPhone 6 silver 64GB and a gray 128GB via the app. It took a couple of times to get both orders through but it eventually stuck. Good luck everyone. 

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    admittedly, I don't recall Apple ever being more specific then saying the presale started on 9/12... to which everyone assumed midnight pacific time...

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    The only one I can place an order on is for the iPhone 6 space gray 16gb but that's not what I want :(

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    Just ordered through apple store app.  I HAD to select "upgrade this phone" vs "upgrade another phone on this account", it let me to the next screen and I was able to enter a different cellular number (I want to upgrade my wife's phone, not mine) and I was able to order.  Strange, but I could toggle back and forth between upgrade mine (showed available) and upgrade another (showed unavailable).  So give that a spin.  I'm just worried that I'll get some email saying "so sorry, we goofed and had to cancel your order" (remember those days?)


    ATT was acting really weird, I'd get to different points, once all the way to choosing the number to upgrade, but while it gave me the upgrade button, it thought the phone couldn't be upgraded, DOH.  Haven't gotten that far since, and lots of errors with the service check (again, remember that from before?)


    Good luck and Good night

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    iPhone app finally let me order mine.  Still says 19th.

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    I finally got in an ordered an iPhone 6 128GB Silver Unlocked from the UK store. It says Dispatched: Delivers 19/9 in most areas Delivery: Delivers within 2-7 business days after shipping by Standard


    But this is no confirmation of if some are still available.

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    poochpooch Posts: 768member
    arrghhh. i had my two in my cart. went to check out and the "we'll be back" sign came up. this is my fifth year doing this; probably the worst experience thus far.
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    Contract-free option seems to be missing.

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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,501member

    Finally got to the ADD TO CART on the Apple Store app but it times out every time...


    Web store still down

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