Online Apple Store down ahead of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus preorders



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    ....blows my mind that the website is still down... it just never came up... just the same BS "we'll be back" message. That is just pathetic

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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,433member
    Managed to get mine, very annoyed that there is no collect in store option for the UK, why the hell not? We have plenty of brick and mortar Apple stores.
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    Finally got through on the AT&T site at 3:35am, ordered the 6 Space Gray 128..... but I can't seem to confirm availability or check my order status. I have an order number, so I'm hoping it all works out....
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,850member

    Add to cart finally went to another screen, and then it said there was an error and they had to remove it from my cart and I have to try again.


    Darn it

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,363member

    So the app is up but not the website? **** it. They're gone anyway in that case. What a waste of fucking time and sleep. 

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    Finally!  ordered through the app!

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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,842member
    At the UK Apple Store, managed to order an iPhone 6 128 GB Space Grey, with alleged 19th Sep delivery. Woot! Sorry people in the States still seem to be having issues :(
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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post


    So the app is up but not the website? **** it. They're gone anyway in that case. What a waste of fucking time and sleep. 

    If you have Verizon, order from their website. Both models still say deliver by 9/19

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    ...amazing that they can't get the website up nearly an HOUR later.... what the hell?

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    Apple site is down, apple app just lets me pick from Verizon/Sprint/AT&T, and TMobile's site is down.  Aggravating, but it doesn't appear that anyone else is getting their TMobile phone either so there's still "hope" from a line standpoint, I guess.


    Very disappointing experience overall.

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    Downloaded the store app, but it won't let me buy a 64gb gray 6 ("currently unavailable"), only a 128gb ("ships 9/19"). You'd think they'd at least let me pre-order, even if it's not available. Sheesh.
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    I was able to upgrade to a grey 64 GB iPhone 6+ 2 minutes past 3:00 AM and got an order number on screen...however, no confirmation email and can not check order status online or via phone. 

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    Got through with AT&T , Apple was only loading the app and it doesn't allow you to buy unlocked , not eligible for upgrade so just normal no service contract does that mean unlocked or do I still have to request an unlock even though I paid full price?
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    Just got my order through on the app. First it said currently unavailable, then not available for in store pickup, then it went through. And I got an email confirmation.

    Keep trying. It eventually worked for me--or maybe it just told me what I wanted to hear so I would go away!
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    This is kinda' fun ...

    I'playin' beach blanket bing among 2 auto refresh Appe Store windows and 2 Att Store windows.
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    It's been much worse than this. Remember the great debacle of the 3G where we had to activate the phone is store and a combination of ATT's and Apple's servers wilted under the pressure 

    Good times

    Yeah, as bizarre as it might sound for people new to the process, this year was better.

    Just finished placing orders for myself and my wife. Both through the Apple Store app. And unlike two years ago, I actually got confirmation emails for both this time. And unlike two years ago, I'm going to bed a fair amount sooner. One of the checkouts didn't bring up the Apple Care screen for some reason, but whatever. That can be tacked on after the fact. Both orders are placed and I'm off to bed.

    For anyone trying, give the app a shot.

    I got AT&T to the configuration page, but it wouldn't process the orders. I'd rather order through Apple anyway.
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    Originally Posted by msalganik View Post


    ...amazing that they can't get the website up nearly an HOUR later.... what the hell?

    This happens EVERY time. Tomorrow we will hear the excuses. "Unprecedented demand."

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    Has anyone been able to order a case? All of them say unavailable.  

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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,850member

    Even though it said it had removed it form my cart, it was still there and I was finally able to check out. In the actual checkout it said the 128GB Gold 6+ from ATT would deliver 9/19.  We'll see


    Now trying to do a 6 silver 64gb for the wife.

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