Apple creates dedicated portal for users to remove unwanted U2 album



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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    I'm telling you it should have been a rap album for Apple's new target audience (read Beats and 18k bling watch and bling phones). Of course they don't know who U2 is- hello??
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    zroger73 wrote: »
    The problem is when more than a dozen, unwanted songs pollute your song list without your approval or action.

    Dude, first world problems. Seriously.
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    chris_cachris_ca Posts: 2,543member
    gqb wrote: »
    Now what I want is a dedicated Portal that lets me remove unwanted applications that I've downloaded, but immediately deleted. 
    I really don't want to see them in a list of 'my applications' anywhere. 
    Let me flag them as 'Never Show These To Me Again'.
    This option has been there a long time...
    Hide your purchases (does the same as the stuff above but the link above is dedicated specifically to the "U2 debacle")
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    If you have no interest at all in U2, it's annoying to scroll through your music collection on the iPhone and have U2 peppered in throughout your actual albums, songs, random playlists, etc. Just because it's free doesn't mean people want it on their device with the rest of the content they actually listen to. For example, how would you feel if you opened up your music player and magically a new Smash Mouth album was sitting in your list of music - don't worry it's for free.
    First I would listen to the new Smash Mouth album to see if it was any good at all. (Probably not). Then if I didn't like it I would uncheck the songs in my library on my computer so they don't play. Or I could delete them from my library and check the "also remove from iCloud" box so they don't appear anywhere unless I'm specifically in the store looking for things I've purchased to download.

    If that's too much hassle then perhaps you should move to a 3rd world country so you can find out what real problems are like. Apple tried to do something nice. So you don't share the same taste in music? Big deal, get the F over it and over yourself.
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    malaxmalax Posts: 1,598member

    In retrospect, I think Apple would agree that the way they rolled this out was a mistake.  They got hooked on the idea that they could make the new album "the most owned album in the history of the world" (or whatever phrasing they used).  It would have been just as easy to put the album on iTunes with a price of zero and just tell people about it.  But they must have believed this "push" to 500 million people would be newsworthy.  Unfortunately it was for all the wrong reasons.


    I do with there was a way to delete purchases from my account.  I (and my family members) have "bought" hundreds of apps over the years (most for zero dollars) it would be nice to have a way to clear out that junk.  (Of course the risk is that people would delete stuff they paid for and then make it Apple's problem to undo their mistake, so I can understand why Apple has never done this.)

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member
    Wah. Free music! Quit crying.
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    wovelwovel Posts: 956member
    zroger73 wrote: »
    The problem is when more than a dozen, unwanted songs pollute your song list without your approval or action.

    I have 23000 songs, so I might not notice :O If I could just get rid of that Tiffany album...
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    Originally Posted by palegolas View Post

    "Our love for music" followed by "U2 performance". So far so good. Followed by "Mr big artist star, with sun shades on, starting rambling about a magic button, in a very unarticulated way, seeming totally joker." Ok now you're loosing it. Wtf is going on? Is it over? Is this an announcement? Followed by "I can do that!" Ok now you lost it. I will not believe you the next time you say "our love for music". This is not love.. This is... I don't know... trolling? Mega trolling? Next time, let in some fresh blood that would actually be hugely thankful for such a spot, and not some old huge band.

    To be fair to Bono he has an eye condition where he is very sensitive to light and needs to wear the sun glasses to prevent damage rather than wearing them because he's some "big artist star"

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    Originally Posted by mbsmd View Post


    No good deed goes unpunished.


    This doesn't fall under "good deed" terms.

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    Apple could have avoided all of this by just making it free to download like they do the song of the week. They decided to go further and it backfired. Should have stuck with what works. I downloaded one song from the album. Didn't like the previews of the others. It is Ok to be thankful and want Apple to do better next time. 

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    To those who do not wish to REMOVE UNWANTED PURCHASES FOREVER
    When you do not wish to see your purchased items
    Go to iTunes Store
    Click Purchased
    See your previous purchases there
    When you click to the top left of the icons "hide item" button appears
    Click to "Hide Item"
    Make sure you delete them from your devices as well.

    I hope this helps. G-d bless.
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    This is absurd. How lazy are people that they can't remove the album themselves and need Apple to create a website to do it?
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    gqbgqb Posts: 1,934member

    Originally Posted by 2old4fun View Post


    The portal is called iTunes.  Control click the app and select "Delete", confirm and it is done.

    It may indeed work. But since I never use iTunes any more unless absolutely necessary, I'll have to explore.


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    Wah! I got a free album, that doesn't take up data in my iCloud account, and did I mention it was free.


    Somebody hold me...

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    Originally Posted by Lord Amhran View Post

    This is absurd. How lazy are people that they can't remove the album themselves and need Apple to create a website to do it?


    Are you really gonna leave that slow pitch hanging right over the plate like that?

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    moxommoxom Posts: 326member
    Not many U2 fans here I see.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the album ????
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    Originally Posted by Inkling View Post

    Blah blah California blah worst blah blah embarrassed blah reality check blah


    Maybe this was intended to be ironic, given the similarly precise location info in your own handle...?

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    Oh please.

    Such whiners.

    Whining about getting a free album.


    You don't need a special portal all ya gotta do is delete it. If you want. I mean if you're that narrow minded that ya think it is somehow "polluting" your precious song library.

    Either that or acquire more eclectic tastes and expanding your musical horizons beyond Beyonce.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member

    Originally Posted by mbsmd View Post


    No good deed goes unpunished.


    And as is the usual, the whiners are in a tiny, tiny, minority of self-centered , self-aggrandized, self-important personalities who think the world revolves around them. But they are nasty and loud, just like the screaming baby in church while the choir is singing. 

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    paxman wrote: »
    That is not a satisfactory solution imo. The day Apple feels they can populate my inbox, iTunes account, iCloud space, iBooks etc with content just because it is free is the day that Apple truly is doomed. Seriously.

    How would you feel about the day Apple can populate your iTunes account with free store credits?
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