Apple's iOS 8.0.1 update breaks cellular connectivity, Touch ID support for many users



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    Can't update our iPad Air - downloaded it to the device (vs. via iTunes), and when it tried to verify, it said that it was not connected to the Internet (which it is - I quickly tried a website, which connected). After several attempts, I just quit. C'mon, Apple!
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    Great! Did somebody not take a minute and just check this update on a couple of phones before rolling it out. 

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    What's extra great about this?  I have find my iphone on, naturally, but I can't turn it off because my company's wifi network blocks "iCloud".  Use cell service you say?  Oh wait, that's what's broken.

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    I can confirm that with a Tmobile iPhone 6 the 8.0.1 broke all cell connectivity and TouchID.  Downgrading now...

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    5s, att, installed carrier update on 8.0 install, 8.0.1 just now, fingerprints, LTE working fine
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    Originally Posted by brlawyer View Post


    It's time for a new CEO - Mr Cook is an unmitigated disaster for Apple; just wait and see:


    1 - Uncalled for distribution of dividends: Apple no longer a growth stock;

    2 - Acquisition of Beats - cheapened brand, crappy headphones, ridiculous price for just another streaming service;

    3 - Lack of proper torsion testing on the new iPhones, aka "bendgate";

    4 - Bigger iPhones with protruding cameras and "smart" watches just because analysts tell Apple to launch them - we no longer innovate, we just follow:

    5 - sloppy software releases just like 8.0.1, shutdown of high-end software suites; long delays in launching innovative Macs.


    Do you think listing all the supposed Apple devices in your sig makes us believe any of the bullshit you post? In fact, it's the opposite - it just shows you're a troll trying to use the oldest trick in the book to add validity to your comments.


    "I'm of African American descent but I hate it when my fellow people do......" is another example of this technique.

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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 9,233member

    Originally Posted by coffeetime View Post

    Can't update our iPad Air - downloaded it to the device (vs. via iTunes), and when it tried to verify, it said that it was not connected to the Internet (which it is - I quickly tried a website, which connected). After several attempts, I just quit. C'mon, Apple!


    That could actually be good news. Maybe Apple just disabled further downloads.

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    Hey Apple... you wanted "in" on the health-monitoring world?  Okay, but there is this thing called "validation" that you must, I repeat, MUST institute. Otherwise, if you thought you had trouble with lawsuits before, just you wait. Medical devices are not something you can let the consumer do your QC on.  The responsibilities here are even far greater than they were with mere telecommunications.


    Frankly, your half-baked issuance of iWork for OS X, which broke so many functions that many depend on, was a warning to us... and in the year+ that it's been out we still haven't seen basic fixes applied.


    Yes, whoever is responsible for releasing a version of iOS that breaks basic functions should be fired. Today. 

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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,742member

    8.0.1 was pulled from Software Update just now.

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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,548member

    They have pulled the update for OTA, at least I don't see the option on my iPhone 6. Thank goodness I was not able to download it!!!

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    5s, installed carrier update on 8.0 install, 8.0.1 installed just now, fingerprints and LTE / cellular work just fine

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    Originally Posted by PJWilkin View Post


    OTA caused my phone to loose TouchID and get no cell signal


    I've just done a full restore (without backing up first) using iTunes and it looks like it's working


    I suspect the issue is something in the OTA that is broken/missing, as when my phone came back from OTA it had lost its name and reverted to be 'iPhone'

    Thanks for sharing the info.   For which iphone?  

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    Clearly, Apple needs to pull the update ASAP. I started the update from my MBP and during the extract, unplugged the phone. Now, I wonder if iTunes will kill the process.
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    Is this a bug or a feature?

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    apple ][ wrote: »
    Has the update been disabled from Apple yet? 

    If no, then why the hell not?

    Nobody should be allowed to go home from Apple HQ until this is fixed, and they should push out a new update as soon as possible, within a few hours.

    Yep an update needs to be pushed today. Either way this is really bad and eats away at trust people have with Apple. Perhaps they're trying to do too much too fast and need to slow the f-k down for a while.
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    Something to look at.  I am also on ATT 17.1 and 8.0.1 installed without any of the reported issues.

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    Funny I did not know the Jesus Jet Ski's...He must get the smoothest water to do that...;-)

    I have always been told by Apple to never use Over-The-Air updates...always use your Desk top to do it with a Hard wire....Im just sayin...
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    same problem here. No Cell service, broken Touch ID. thats a seious ****-up just to make health app work....
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    Update pulled.  Day saved.  

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    If Steve was still around, someone's ASS would be in a sling.
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