Apple quality control manager responsible for iOS 8.0.1 also tied to Maps app debacle



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    Originally Posted by pazuzu View Post



    Go tell it to the people who lost calls that may have been life depending, etc. 

    Go tell it to the people who had every right to be hotheaded and angry because they lost business connectivity etc, etc. etc.

    Go tell it to the people who lost $$ as the stock dipped too.


    Clearly you didn't read a damned word of my post, since your responses acknowledges none of it. Like hell you give a **** about any of these people, since you're so willing to crucify this guy regardless of what you know.


    I'm a shareholder. You know what I did when the stock dipped? I bought more shares, because I saw it as the opportunity it was. Noone lost money unless they were moronic enough to sell. But that's so sweet that you feel for shareholders- they don't need your fake, dishonest pity. You've clearly never been a part of something larger than yourself, that much is obvious reading your childish, selfish, narcissistic views, and your desire to crucify people while having literally zero real facts. Someone with a smidgeon of self-awareness would be ashamed of such views, but clearly you lack that too. Go do something with your life- and you'll realize that when you're creating something, mistakes will happen, its part of the process. But I suspect you don't have what it takes to be part of anything that matters. 

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    AppleInsider, poor form

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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Chief executive Tim Cook reportedly allows only senior managers privileged access to unreleased iPhone hardware, meaning testing may not be as comprehensive as assessments of new software built for current models.

    The iPhone 6/6+ is unreleased hardware? :rolleyes:

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    As I recall, Scott Forstall is the one who got fired over the maps mess.  This guy may well have been telling Forstall the maps weren't ready for release.  Apple doesn't keep incompetent people around: this report is way out of line.

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post


    Are you saying the story isn't accurate?

    Did I seem to?  Asshole.

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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post


    But I suspect you don't have what it takes to be part of anything that matters. 


    What a gem of a sentence.

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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post








    Pazuzu, you reconfirm the filth of your character with every post. The interesting this is, you can tell alot about someone from their reaction to human stories like these- even if they appear to be trolls on every subject (like you) reactions to these kinds of stories are the ones that matter. The fact that you giddily condone and support such a display of unconfirmed public shaming- for an employee that is not an executive of the company - says alot about your utter lack of empathy, perspective, and your degree of vengeful sociopathy and desire for "punishment". You don't seem to understand why this is wrong, and this tells everyone what they need to know about you.


    Oh, and this guy is a "**** up"? Compared to who, exactly? Compared to you? He's apparently worked at Apple for 14 years, so that in itself is quite an accomplishment. He might be a genius who's extremely good at what he does, and in all his years has made a handful of errors, that may not even be directly his fault. You have no fucking idea, nobody does, except the people who have worked with him intimately. No QA manager who worked with such a complex and ambitious project like a new mapping platform could come out of that unscathed. Yet, from the 5 seconds of info you read, you confidently call this person a "****-up". Why don't you show us a portfolio of your accomplishments, beyond trolling this forum day and night? We'd love to see something good you've created- anything at all. In my experience, it's no no-nothings, do-nothings like you are so quick to play judge, jury, and executioner, and call for people's heads, no matter how little knowledge they have.


    Again- everyone here can now see that you're a callous, sociopathic human being without a shred of empathy, something I've suspected for a very long time, based on your constant tearing down of anything Apple ever does, including constantly demanding Cook's head. Hope karma bites you in the ass, after calling for the demise of so many people you know nothing about. Oh, and stop pretending you give a shit about Apple's "goodwill" since you tear the company to pieces and mock everything they do every opportunity you get. Not only are you a horrible human being, you're also a chronic liar. 


    Oh, and shame on AI for regurgitating this story. I know standards on this site are extremely low, but I always assumed there was some sort of standard, and I fully admit I was wrong in that assumption. Not like other Apple sites are better, macrumors expectedly regurgitated the story too- can't miss out on clicks now, can we, no matter how cruel the article is or whose lives we help destroy. 


    Great points. I'm failing to understand why people respond to pazuzu as if he has any credibility or legitimate points. His goal, consistently, is clearly to spin negativity towards Apple and derail threads, that's it. Maybe someone who isn't a troll can explain why his ridiculous posts are indulged.

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    Im shocked people arent more upset about the lack of automated testing.
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post


    Are you saying the story isn't accurate?

    Yes, I am. "Citing sources familiar with Apple's corporate structure..." Who exactly would that be? To name the person, using only an anonymous source is really chicken-shit. They don't even claim that the source is someone who currently works at Apple. You bet your booty I don't trust the story.

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    Just goes to show people are human...
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    Shame on apple insider for this report aka witch hunt.
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    Making no statement as to the article directly, I do imagine that anywhere from 1-5 people were fired over 8.0.1.

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    Naming the guy in this story was absolutely shameless.  Was the fraction of CPM really worth this guy's career?  For, what?, a couple of pennies?


    I notice whoever wrote this hitpiece didn't have the cajones to put their own name to the story.  "AppleInsider Staff", indeed.


    I'm done here.

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    Send the dork that created this story over to Google and see how badly they abuse people by exploiting the data they collect. QA people and even automated test systems build on the problems they find. If they knew where all the problems were, they would have been writing clean code in the first place.
    Finding bugs and meeting a sales deadline are not always compatible. Finding the last bug could take forever. Someone has to make the call when comparing accuracy to income.
    Only news reporters get the stories right by the deadline.
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    You don't know if he made the call to release the software in the state it was in or someone else did.  But don't pass up a crappy comment by seeking the truth.

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    I haven't read any of the comments (yet) but if the guy was responsible for the team debugging Maps and iOS doesn't that mean we're seeing two major issues in 4(?) years? What about all the iOS releases that have passed in that time? Why isn't there anyone else checking the debugging team at Apple? This sounds more like a shortcoming with Apple's setup more than the doing (or lack thereof) of a single individual.
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    As a software tester myself, this is hard to read.

    I could never be so fortunate to practice my craft at such a place as Apple, but I can't imagine processes are that much different there than anywhere else... There are deadlines for everyone, and there never seems to be the time or resources to fully accomplish the whole thing the way you really want to.

    I can't say whether this applied to Apple this week, but historically, they usually don't repeat mistakes. They will correct their processes, I'm sure, just like Maps was corrected. As to who if anyone takes a fall, it's not for me to know (though I do share the reporting outrage).
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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    There's a difference between a CEO or executive officer of the company and some mid-level manager. And you said IF TRUE. Well what if it's not true? What if there's more to the story? This guys life is just been ruined.

    He can always come to AI to give his version of the story and then the rest of the disingenuous crowd will take it up from there.

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    pazuzu wrote: »
    It's called being sued. If this guy was falsely accused than he has a major case on his hands.

    Or he'll totally lose it over everyone treating him both unfair/unethically and do himself harm. (Which he shouldn't do!)

    Would that make you feel better?

    You're quite a piece of work yourself...

    I often wonder the outcome if posters here were all put in the same room with their usernames on name tags.
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    slurpy wrote: »
    Apple already issued an apology, what do you want? For Craig to personally call you?

    I'm extremely surprised you ended with that. I'm not going to say it, but I did get a chuckle over it and I do thank you for that.
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