Video demonstrates reported iPhone 6 Plus bending issues



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    Originally Posted by tyler82 View Post


    Nice argumentative skills, lol. The next Churchill!


    Flimsy: comparatively light and insubstantial, easily damaged. 

    Seeing as how this phone can be bent in half with moderate pressure using two bare hands, I'd say that fits the definition. 


    Aluminum: a light silvery- grey metal. 

    See: flimsy.


    Both these definitions taken from the built in Apple dictionary. 


    Oh I can't wait for your rebuttal:

    "But you're wrong. I don't have to say why. You just are."


    Sounds like *your* argument is the one that isn't reasoned.

    Not like it matters anyway, nobody here takes you too seriously. Weren't you the one that said there would be no way Apple would release a 5.5" iPhone, and that the mockups of the protruded camera lens were all faked? 

    You've never heard of the word 'alloy' it seems. Some alloys of aluminium have high strength (aluminium-zinc), are used in the cylinder heads of internal combustion engines (aluminium-silicon etc) and regeneratively cooled, are used in rocket motor combustion chambers. Just to say that aluminium was used doesn't mean that it wasn't alloyed and in most cases would be. I wondered whether the 6 was originally intended to be constructed with a liquid-metal case (although this is a push) that might not have come online in sufficient quantities in time. Coaxing any metal into a non-crystalline state is tricky, doing so in huge volumes is probably still a black art.

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