Microsoft looks to distance itself from Windows 8, jumps to Windows 10

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Software behemoth Microsoft on Tuesday announced that its next-generation desktop operating system would not follow the numerical progression of its two predecessors -- which would have made it Windows 9 -- but will instead be called Windows 10.

Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore demonstrates Windows 10. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Times.
Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore demonstrates Windows 10. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Times.

"Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows," Microsoft operating systems chief Terry Myerson said during the unveiling, according to the Seattle Times. Leaked builds have shown a return to a Windows 7-style start menu with Windows 8-like tiles.

"It gives the familiarity of Windows 7 with some of the new benefits that exist in Windows 8," Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore said, a clear sign that the company is attempting to turn around the questionable choices it made with Windows 8.

The launch of Windows 8 was a disaster for Microsoft, as the heavily-promoted OS took nearly a year to surpass the installed base of Apple's own OS X, which runs on a relatively paltry number of computers. Users revolted against the changes in long-standing Windows user interface patterns --?like the Start menu --?and the switch to the new Metro design language that was clearly designed with touchscreens in mind.

Microsoft relented with Windows 8.1, which re-introduced a "boot to desktop" mode, among other capitulations. That was not enough for many buyers, however, and Windows 7 continues to outstrip the combined user base of Windows 8 and 8.1.

Myerson said that enterprises, which account for a massive proportion of Microsoft's revenue, would likely begin to see preview builds of Windows 10 soon, and that the company was "starting the dialogue" with its most important clients.


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    Yes! That will save Microsoft from the Ballmer reign of disaster. Skip a number, and hope Windows 10 is confused with MacOS X. Brilliant.
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    Windows 10, Mac OS X.....LOL
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    So back to Windows 7.
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    Oh, and the next update will be called 10.1 (Big Cat), and 10.2, and eventually it's Windows X eh? Wonder where that came from
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    They should just call it Windows X.
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    Yes. It will be named Windows OS X.
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    512ke512ke Posts: 782member
    Windows OS X Sequoia
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    Apple should crank it up to 11
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    Priceless. Remember when they named the second XBOX the 360 just to get a '3' in there to match the PS3? Microsoft, you so funny.
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    No no, it will be called:

    WinOS X
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    From a 'corporate' point of view(that's what Im stuck with at work) -  increase boot time (windows is a dog to boot and shutdown), retina display type support (tired of these fuzzy screens, compared to my iphone, MBP etc). And don't allow McAfee to protect from the infinite antivirus etc (McAfee hogs/bogs the system).


    Oh... get rid of that @#$%! ribbon interface... ugh. Yea  I know you can change back.

    Sounds like Microsoft finally has an adult in charge... probably too late though.

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    Yes, yes. Very Spinal Tap. It goes all the way up till 11.
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    Someone help me out here... Isn't there another OS that has 10 in the name? /s

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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    I hadn't used Windows 8 until installing it on my Mac Pro. I kind of assumed Windows would at least be "pretty good" by now. WHAT A MESS! So my messed-up details and pain points that cannot be believed. It's not even the same class of product as OS X. And my disc came with an invalid registration code printed BY Microsoft right on it!

    I can only hope that some backsliding toward older Windows versions will help. It's good that they're open to that. Right now it's Explore Roulette: I never know which Internet Explorer version is going to pop up, the desktop one or the tablet one!

    (I doubt I'll be willing to pay for WindOS X though. I don't care enough to buy every upgrade.)
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    Welome to the Microsoft Assembled Code Operating System version 10. If only there was an easier way to write that¡
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    Is it a complete rewrite from the ground up, as has been needed for the past 14 years?


    If not…



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    Everyone knows that even numbered builds of Windows are to be avoided. The odd numbered builds are the ones that get installed. They are simply saying the next version is going to suck.
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    I find it funny that microsofts marketing is working so well they even have apple sites talking about the new version of windows.   If you guys really hated Microsoft you wouldn't be talking about them at all.


    I have to admit microsofts marketing team knows what they are doing. Keep in mind even bashing gets the new windows out there.

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    Originally Posted by majortom1981 View Post

    If you guys really hated Microsoft you wouldn't be talking about them at all.

    Uh… what form of logic is that?


    I have to admit microsofts marketing team knows what they are doing.


    They have less of a clue what they’re doing than the team responsible for the code itself.


     Keep in mind even bashing gets the new windows out there. 



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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,740member

    InfoWorld called it a year and a half ago:  Microsoft skips 'too good' Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10 | InfoWorld


    <img class=" src="" />

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