Jony Ive, Marc Newson showcase Apple Watch to fashion luminaries in Paris



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    blackbook wrote: »
    Plenty of people around the globe spend $5k a day on things less essential than an Apple Watch. The gold model isn't for the masses. It's for the super wealthy that can and will buy a new $5k model every year.

    I think it will trickle down to a second hand market for the less wealthy population
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    Originally Posted by gregquinn View Post

    I'm beginning to think that Jony Ive has lost his mojo. I'm monumentally unimpressed with the overall watch design, it looks clunky and some of the design guess images before the release were way better. It pretty much ignores the fact that 99% of the population doesn't wear a watch, and this one (which isn't waterproof) doesn't have any killer features. Apple will make a ton of money from initial interest, then they'll stop dev on it in a few years.

    yeah, they'll just toss this failed platform with all their other failed platforms. /s


    the iPod originally needed a mac. techies called it "smaller than a nomad. lame." it evolved.

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    With smartphones and other tech devices everyone is used to upgrading on a fairly regular schedule. Now you take people who buy Rolex and other high end watches, you pay a ton of money but they last a lifetime. It will be interesting to see how this traditionally slow turn accessory meets the high turn of tech...

    what could apple do to make the modular watch system on a chip easy to replace during service? hmm...keep it, uh, modular?

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    Jony Ive has atrocious body language, forget designing inanimate objects, fix your posture!

    yes, and i suppose nobody has ever taken a candid photo of you where you didn't look perfect. 


    the hell.

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