Microsoft rumored to launch smartwatch this holiday season, beating Apple Watch to market



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    How much did MS pay Appleinsider for this garbage.
    And what makes you think the public is going to go out in droves to buy this bullsh**
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    redhotfuzz wrote: »
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    Actually, we can infer quite a bit. MS has a history of announcing products purely as a pre-emptive FUD strike, to try to depress demand for a competitor's product, even while their own "response" is still vaporware.

    Ah yes, remember Steve "We Call Them Slates" Ballmer's preemptive strike on the iPad with the HP Slate?  Good times!  So, whatever happened to that HP Slate anyway?  LOL!

    It got slated in the press.
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    johnpierre wrote: »
    I can't get the image out of my head ... a Micky Mouse watch only with Ballmer and his arms swinging round ... It's like a nightmare!

    I think my appendix just burst

    Sorry to hear.

    Bad book-binding?
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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    My sources tell me the Microsoft watch will be called "Turd on an Imitation Leather Band." The battery will reside in a fake pocket protector in the shirt pocket, and the watch will include a small cooling fan to prevent flesh burns. There is disagreement about whether the TILB will have a "Start" menu but it will run MS Office.

    I'm sorry, I was late for the meeting, my watch blue screened LOL 

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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,001member
    I'm sorry, I was late for the meeting, my watch blue screened LOL 

    No one Getz that joke. HA!!!!
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    Originally Posted by abhitalks View Post

    "... Microsoft previously attempted to market a smartwatch as part of the now defunct Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) platform that died in 2008..."

    I also remember the Timex-Microsoft DataLink in the nineties. It used optical bands from the CRT monitor to transfer PIM data to the watch wirelessly. It died a premature death.

    It was born premature, and took too long to die.

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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    I heard it comes with a keyboard and stylus. And to charge the battery, you'll need to dance.

    Dancing is not necessary as of version 2.x of the m$ zune watch.


    Just pop the watch into your microwave oven.


    One minute is good for 24 hour charge.    Don't over charge ....... or else!

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    I find it funny how worked up people get bashing a product that is nothing more than a rumor and compare it to a product that is not on the market yet.
    Chill out folks. Let the Apple Watch come to market and the whatevermicrosoftcallsit watch see the light of day before you get your heart attacks.
    I personally like the smart watch concept and will check them all out before I make my choice.
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