Apple rumored to turn huge downtown LA building into flagship store, office space



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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,523member
    pooch wrote: »
    i wish someone at appleinsider would learn the definition of "flagship". seems every article that mentions an apple store includes the word.

    Flogged to death metaphor to be sure.
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    Store on the ground floor, Engineering and Testing above.
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    swiftswift Posts: 436member
    I stay away from the Americana Mall. Hideous location, the worst of the Mall Rat Architecture, bringing expensive goods to YOU the American people in a ludicrous imitation of Old-Time America, when we were pretty cool, not the Mall Rat Nation.

    There's a big one in the West End, there's the Pasadena Store, Manhattan Beach... and the Orange County has two.

    That's a very rundown area. I know there are redevelopment plans, but that is a huge ramshackle old place. It's POSSIBLE, but I doubt it.
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    The picture reminds me of NYC's Macy building on 34th Street. It also occupies a whole city block.


    Imagine religating that remnant of a former retailing age to a mall in New Jersey (NYC tourists: buy your skin cream and Jordache t-shirits on Amazon, my advice) and moving Apple East into that landmark building!


    Now THAT would be a flagship Apple Store!


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