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My friend just gave me his old airport base that he dug up from his pile of old computer junk that I want to try out my wireless card with.

I'm a PC guru, but pretty clueless about Macs as far as actual field experience goes.

Problem is, my friend has no clue what the password for the airport is... he is clueless as far as computers go, period.

The airport is the older (single ethernet jack "graphite??" unit).

I'm using a PC with Freebase config software and can see it on the LAN. The airport version number reported by the Freebase is 3.50.

Any ideas on how I can either extract the PW or simply reset the airport to some known config?



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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    There's a little hole on the bottom where you can stick a paper-clip. It resets the password to "public"

    Or if you want to reset the entire thing...

    Unplug it, insert a paper-clip into the hole, plug it back in, press down the paper-clip...When the lights start flashing, open the AirPort Admin Utility, double-click your basestation from the list.
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