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A PC friend of mine sent me this link and I read it. <a href=",24330,3328849,00.html"; target="_blank">,24330,3328849,00.html</a>;

It's about Steve Jobs and all that stuff. Is all of this true and is still like that? Dunno, this just bugged me. I'm getting a Mac in a few months, I still am no matter what, that just bugged me though, but can someone brighten my spirits?

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    I think every CEO of a business that just started is going to deny any hopes of them going head on into the market of other computer companies such as IBM. I'm sure every company did'nt think they would make it. Bill Gates when he was a boy never thought he would be a billionare and own his own company. I dont think I could start my own computer business, who knows I could make it. :cool:
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    All of those I believe are to be true. I recognize all of those statements...they are printed in all sorts of books.

    For reference, see:

    Apple Confidential

    The Second Coming of Steve Jobs

    On the Firing Line: My 500 days at Apple

    And there was one other book that I read about Apple but I can't quite remember, but it was printed in 1987 or so and had a bio of Steve and his childhood etc.

    Steve was a complete loser in high school. He was egotistical, harsh, and very intimidating. He is still like that, even though he has matured. Now employees joke about how they don't want to get in an elevator with Steve for fear of losing their job. One time the board was reviewing a candidate for hire, and Steve was extremely rude, asking if he was a virgin, stating that he looked like an IBM type, etc.

    Steve also had problems with his friends and family. He dated a girl and she eventually got pregnant. Even though there was a 94% chance of the girl (named Lisa, no it is not related to the computer) being Steve Job's daughter, he refused to pay child support. Keep in mind that at this point Steve was a multi-millioniare.

    Steve is not perfect. Far from it...he is a great visionary, but it's his way or the highway.
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    [quote]own his own company<hr></blockquote>

    annoying nitpick

    Bill Gates doesn't own Microsoft completely, he shares ownership with a few thousand shareholders.

    /annoying nitpick
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    Here's what Woz has to say about it.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    About the idea that both Apple and MS stole the GUI from Xerox:

    Someone else can probably remember this better than me, but I believe Apple paid Xerox for the mouse-based GUI. I don't think MS ever paid Apple or Xerox anything.

    So Gates' statement that Apple stole the GUI from Xerox just like MS stole it, is unfair.


    I looked it up and found <a href=""; target="_blank">this link.</a>

    Apparently Xerox got a bunch of Apple stock in exchange for allowing Jobs et al. to visit Xerox PARC and talk to the engineers there. They also make the point that many of the features of the Mac OS were different from the ones Xerox was using, and that Apple was already working on similar ideas before visiting Xerox.

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    that bugs me too...

    ... If all goes as planned one day I will replace him ...

    then apple will be a really cool company! I promise...


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    If I'm not didn't really steal anything from xerox...they did acquire the mouse and the gui...but I'm pretty sure it was authorized(xerox didn't know what they had)

    microsoft however ripped apples GUI hardcore...if the macintosh had been released and Msoft Hadn't gotten to rip the GUI than there would probably be ALOT more apple computers out there right now.
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    Thanks for the links and explanations etc... they helped a lot. I feel better This also interests me, I would like to buy a book on this to go further in depth. Thanks everyone!
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