Apple's 2014 holiday ad 'The Song' showcases the human side of its ecosystem



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    My 'no' was as in no, I did know the old meaning, but not the old English word.

    Oh ok. That clarifies things.
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    Wasn't that record kind of like a love letter that the grandma made for her husband/lover? In that case how would you feel if someone read one of your old love letters, and then handed you a copy with their own notes scrawled in the margins?


    If you watch from the beginning, the records are her's now, she's thumbing through them in her room; they appear a close family living in the same house; and being her grandmother recorded an LP record and handed it down to her granddaughter--whose going through a musical phase herself--I'd say 'The Song' runs in their blood... But yeah I would agree with you if they didn't setup the story how they did, I could easily see my grandmother kind of rejecting that duet. But then again my family isn't close, and I wouldn't attempt something like this when I was her age....which basically speaks to the wide spectrum of how close people are with their families.

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    My 'no' was as in no, I did know the old meaning, but not the old English word.

    Expecting the average Englishman to know anything about the English language is like expecting a fish to know about water.

    The operative word here is "average."
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    perhaps you havent heard of Hanukkah? since jews dont believe in christ, they dont celebrate christmas. neither do hindus nor atheists, etc...but we do celebrate the new year. further, christmas was taken from the pagan Mithrals and re-purposed for the christians to help ease the political transition of mass religion. it's all just winter solstice celebrating anyway, been going on for thousands of years; christians are just new to the party.

    Jews believe in Christ, Muslims too, as a prophet they don't recognise christ as the son of the one true God they all believe in.


    Different interpretations from the same book of fairy tales.

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    You're right. Perhaps Apple should focus on subtly weaving in product benefits as you've subtly woven racism into your comment. I see what you did there. Happy Holidays, sir.

    There wasn't anything subtle about the racism in Benjamin Frosts' comments.

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