Google in talks to purchase Apple Pay competitor Softcard, report says



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    Without Touch ID, Apple Pay wouldn't have been useless. Google just don't get it: they need a damn good biometric input first for the payment method. It's all about user experience that Android phones don't have for this feature.
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    rogifan wrote: »
    FYi, ?Watch works with iPhone 5 and 5c too. I'm curious where credit card information is stored on those devices though.
    Apple Watch has NFC chip to take care of it. Sync between iPhone 5/5C/5S is just authorizing Passbook since CC information was already transferred initially with the passcode. It works the same way as 6/6+ just imagine that it's an external NFC for 5/5C and communicates through Bluetooth instead of directly connects as in 6/6+. I suspect that Apple Watch can still work for Apple Pay even when the iPhone 5/5C/5S is turned off if it's still on your wrist.
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    While Google is at it why don't they buy long running haters of Apple's product. That'll help their bottom line alright
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    solipsismy wrote: »
    It has no NFC chip so it's not stored on those devices. :no:

    The credit card data is not stored on any iPhone's. Instead your phone stores a token, that is stored in the secure part of Apple's A7 &A8 cpu. This is what happens when you first enter or scan your card into your phone. You're communicating with the bank that issued you your card. They give out the token. When you buy something, that token combined with another when you buy something, goes directly to your bank. Your credit card info is not stored on your phone at all. About the closest you get is Apple having your credit card info for iTunes.

    In fact your touchid is also stored in a secure part of the cpu. Something Apple can do since they design their own processors.

    Why you buy something, that transaction goes directly to your bank where it's decrypted. Even if someone got in the middle and got that data, it's worthless. Google wallet uses tokens also, but all transactions go threw Google. You in fact pay Google with the credit card data they have on file for you, then they pay on you behalf. In this way, they're basically like any other business where anyone's credit card works. This also allows them too see everything. What you're buying, from who and for how much. Ask valuable info that Google will never give up. With Apple Pay, you're transactions go directly to the bank that issued you your card. Because of this your bank needs the required hardware and software to support Apple Pay. Any transactions you do, Apple has zero info on it. They know nothing.

    The NFC chip only allows a device to wirelessly link up to another either a very short distance. It doesn't store anything.
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    jbdragon wrote: »
    The credit card data is not stored on any iPhone's.

    Sure it is. Not the card number printed on plastic card and stored on the magnetic stripe, but the representational card number and token issued to you from your financial institution when you set up ?Pay. Without doing this your device would have no account specific data in which to compared against your financial instituion's system, where that representational number and physical card number are stored for our account.
    The NFC chip only allows a device to wirelessly link up to another either a very short distance. It doesn't store anything.

    Sure it does. That's what the secure element is for and why the iPads have NFC chips but no NFC antennas.
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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Softcard = Syrian Organization For Terrorism, Crime, And Radicalization of Devotees?

    I believe the C stands for Caliphate.

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