Using an ibook in Japan (Help please)

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I'm moving to Japan sometime in the next week. I would really like to know if I bring an ibook 600. Will I be able to use the wireless networks in Japan? What type of card do I need to use? Or am I better of getting a G4 powerbook. My buddy there doesn't know squat about computers all he knows is that his PC laptop works on the internet wirelessly and that it costs him around 60 dollars Canadian a month.... can anyone help? I would love some insight...


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,551member
    More information please.

    Is there some particular wireless network you need to tap into? WiFi networks don't seem to be as popular here as in the US. They do exist and they run the same standard.

    There is a lot of wireless connectivity via cell phones. Steve Jobs demonstrated a bluetooth connection from an iBook to a cell phone at MacWorld Tokyo.

    Do you just need an internet connection? ADSL is now very cheap and easy to get around Tokyo. We've had 1.5Mbps ADSL for about a year. We are now upgrading it to 8Mbps. In the process the price drops from about $38USD to about $22USD.

    The wireless phones are handy but quite pricey. They are almost free to get but the usage charges often run hundreds of dollars per month.

    ADSL is getting really cheap. Yahoo Japan is offering ADSL with ISP for under $20US/month.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way, in Japan Airport is called AirMac. Someone else already had registered the name Airport for a related product.
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    superdsuperd Posts: 32member
    Thanks a lot for the post Neutrino. I'm a little short on the details this is sort of a last minute decision I've made. I have had a job offer is Suzuka and fugure I can't turn it down. The money isn't very good but it is okay. I'm coming mainly for the experience. My friend/contact told me not to bother with a land line for a phone. is it possible to get an adsl line without having to have a land line? If it isn't too much trouble could you "easily" look up and see if ADSL is even avaliable in Suzuka? I'm actually going to be in Yokkaichi. Any and all help is appreciated... I'm super nervous about coming. Sort of a life altering experience...

    Thanks in advance,

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