Apple Store Limited Time Offer

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Right now the Apple Store has a Limited Time Offer for No Payments and No Interest until July 2002. I was wondering if anyone have an idea how long the offer will be going on? Because July was when I was going to get my New iMac and I could get it now if I sign up for the loan but I have to wait until the end of the week to sign up for it sense I have some things I have to work out and I really don't want to pass this deal up, sense I have been waiting sense the end of January to get one and getting very anxious. So, how long do you think it will be going on?


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    fonerootfoneroot Posts: 102member
    Crap. This must be purchasing advice. I'm sorry, if you like you can move it to the Genius Bar.
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    Apple has this offer every 5/6 months..
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    fonerootfoneroot Posts: 102member
    I meant do you have how long do you think this offer will end. I mean, they will eventually have to take the offer down.
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