Nvidia to take on Apple TV with Shield set-top box featuring Android TV



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    The ONLY things keeping me from jumping ship on the Apple TV is iTunes and AirPlay. I have been patiently waiting for a new ATV product that I can buy but so far no cigar. I bought the ATV1, my son gave me his ATV2 when he bought his ATV3. That’s where I stand now. No way am I going to buy an ATV3 in its current iteration. 


    AppleTV should have had a App store long ago!!!  I have 3 Apple TV 3's.  But I don't use them much.  Mostly for Airplay.  I have a couple ROKU 2 XS Boxes that get used all the time because of PLEX.  being a cable cutter, PLEX is a huge plus.  most of my Movies I've ripped and put on my NAS, trying to get then setup where Apple TV would work streaming them is a huge hassle when it's 100% automatic with Plex.    I generally use the ROKU's for Netflix and Amazon Prime also along with a few other things.   I got one of them Amazon Fire Sticks for $19 to screw around with.  it's not that bad, but I had issues with PLEX on that device.  All my Xbox 360's and Xbox one can also do PLEX just fine., but like to stick with the low power boxes.


    I've been waiting for Apple to do something!  NVidia is not going to sell many of these things.  Put it this way, why would I buy this when I could buy a Xbox 360 for the same price with Better games, better everything and can stream from many sources???   A new Xbox $360 is $199.  You don't even need a HDD to stream anything.    I just don't get it.

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    almondroca wrote: »
    True that. Maybe nVidia's console would have better luck with Steam on it?

    At minimum, making Steam part of their console would give them access to one of the best game content stores around. But I noticed NVIDIA is trying to leverage their existing relationships with game developers. And I don't think that's the winning plan.

    While nVidia's GRID is interesting, they have a large uphill battle to be yet another distribution system (especially as a subscription model) in challenging Steam. As for getting Steam on the Shield (or other Shield products) there is hardly any incentive for Valve to do this. Valve announced their own Steam Link device that is basically a hardware decoder for their in-home streaming technology. For $50, one will be able to bring their entire Steam library to their living room while the game runs on their powerful PC in another room. I'm actually amazed the SteamLink wasn't mentioned in the article. In my opinion its a much more compelling living room gaming device. Also, the Steam Controller will be $50, both of which are set to launch in November.


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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post


    So they’re explicitly positioning it as something that doesn’t directly compete with the Apple TV.


    Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post


    I’m surprised they even bother with the wraparound alarms. No one is going to steal them.

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    I can't believe that people are really complaining over a gaming console priced at $199. The Xbox one in the PS four are priced at $399 I believe. And those are for top of the line gaming machines

    The nvidia console is sort of like having a PS 3.5. It can play games better than the PS3 but not nearly as good as the PS four..

    One of its fantastic advantages are that if your Wi-Fi network is fast enough, or if you're lucky enough to have your house wired with ethernet, you can stream your PC games to any TV in the house with the Nvidia shield console. I am partially disabled and I'm stuck in bed for half of the day. So this machine is a godsend for me. It will let me play all of my PC games on my 65 inch master bedroom HDTV. It's streaming from an Alienware gaming rig. So what I'm streaming will look better than anything the PS four or the Xbox one come up with
    As far as actual gaming on the Envidia console itself, it won't come close the Xbox one or the PS four. It'll come close to about two the power of an iPad Air 2

    But complaining that the price should be $99 is absolutely ridiculous. The AppleTV is $99, and it can't even play games as well as an iPhone 6 or an iPad air.Plus the Apple TV only has 8 GB of storage and about 512 MB of RAM versus 16 GB or 500 GB for the Nvidia shield and a whole heck of a lot power than the Apple TV for gaming

    My advice is this: if you're in the market for a serious gaming machine buy a PS four or the Xbox one. The Nvidia shield is for one of two types of people: one that wants to stream PC games the TV who has a very expensive or desktop or laptop machine to stream from%u2026 Or two people who do not have enough money to buy a PS four or Xbox one

    Even if you fall into the category of not being able to afford a PS four or Xbox one does not mean this machine should be $99. $99 is an absolute absurd price for this machine. And $199 that is a very fair price for this machine. Now 299 for the 500 GB hard drive option %u2013 now that is an excessive as a 500 GB hard drive is about $40
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