Apple's CarPlay supported by all 'major' manufacturers, coming to 40 new car models this year

in iPhone edited March 2015
Apple on Monday announced its iOS-based infotainment system CarPlay will be incorporated into 40 new car models made by major automotive manufacturers in 2015, expanding the nascent platform's footprint.

CEO Tim Cook said at today's "Spring Forward" event that "every major" carmaker is now on board with CarPlay, but failed to name specific partners.

CarPlay has achieved relatively slow adoption so far. Just a handful of shipping vehicles support the standard, meaning that for most people, the only option is an aftermarket dash unit from the likes of Alpine or Pioneer. Two of the current supporting automakers are supercar companies, Ferrari and Koenigsegg.

Recently, though, Volkswagen announced plans to ship CarPlay models later this year, and Chevrolet said that the 2016 model of the Volt hybrid will use the technology.

Apple will also be just one of multiple infotainment options. Some automakers are continuing to use proprietary systems, and in some circumstances Google's Android Auto technology will be available simultaneously or instead.


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    razormaidrazormaid Posts: 299member
    I thought Toyota just said recently they had no plans on adding it. Aren't they a major car manufacture or did they change their mind? I only made note of it because I've owned 6 Toyota trucks over the years and I thought that sucked that they weren't even going to consider it. I thought I might have to make my next truck something other than Toyota. Did I miss a "change of mind "announcement?
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    scartartscartart Posts: 201member
    Toyota are supporting CarPlay, they just have no immediate plans to introduce it.
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    Originally Posted by ScartArt View Post

    Toyota are supporting CarPlay, they just have no immediate plans to introduce it.

    In the US.  They did not say they weren't going to introduce it internationally.  I wouldn't be suprised if it is offered in Japan before it is in the US.

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    danielswdanielsw Posts: 906member
    Should be available after we turn in our leased 2014 Honda CR-V for a new one. Can't wait!
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