Nintendo to bring games and IP to smartphones with DeNA partnership



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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    The control scheme should be easy enough for games like that on mobile. It's just tap right/left on each side of the display to go back or forward and then have special buttons in a corner for jump/fire. I wish Apple made a touch controller with some shoulder buttons though. It could have force touch, which apparently feels just like pressing buttons:


    It's unfortunate that you would choose DKCR, one of the most challenging platformer games ever made, do demonstrate the viability of on-screen software buttons. There are a handful of levels that require single button input but generally the precision and button combos this game demands absolutely requires the use of a physical controller.

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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    They'd probably make a billion dollars on Donkey Kong alone.

    Damn it. Now I want to play legend of zelda on an iphone.

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    This is what the typical games in DeNA's platform (and competitor GREE) look like: 



    Forget about Nintendo bringing their classic titles to iOS; this has nothing to do with that.

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    hmm wrote: »
    That isn't really leverage for Apple in terms of negotiations. The other two wanted to see an agreement on Nintendo's part that is independent of whether Android is worthwhile from a financial perspective. If Nintendo decided not to deal with Android for reasons such as those that you mentioned, that wouldn't require any kind of exclusivity agreement. They just simply wouldn't bother with development.

    It looks like Nintendo is happy using Apple hardware already:


    The SDK they use will come into it, it sounds like they want as many platforms as possible, including the PC (possibly Mac). They've ruled out classic game ports, the upcoming titles will all be new. There's another piece of hardware called NX, which they're going to talk more about next year.

    They were talking about the differences in controls and they'd want to optimize for touch. That means they'll probably water the games down to something more casual and just use their franchise brand to sell them e.g:

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    And about time too!
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    Originally Posted by Dunks View Post

    Either that or we're in for an even bigger onslaught of mediocre Pokemon titles.


    The last mediocre Pokémon titles were Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in 2007.

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