New movie set photos show Michael Fassbender as NeXT-era Steve Jobs



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    Originally Posted by GTR View Post

    I don't know about that.

    Wozniak seems to have learned the importance of focus.

    See the contents of his backpack for proof.



    So you are pointing out a nearly 3 year old picture of Woz's crap? LOL

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    Originally Posted by maccherry View Post

    Why are we being subjected to yet another Jobs bio. The guy was a sells man. Woz did all the damn technical work in the early years. Woz actually created the first Apple at HP. A pc they rejected! He was the REAL WIZKID!

    But today it's all about God Steve. You Job zealots should be happy Woz doesn't step up and demand his props. That would really deflate the Jobs as Messiah ideal.


    Woz isn't as compelling as Jobs.

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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Just one of the pictures. We had all sorts of media displays throughout Redwood City Chesapeake Drive Campus and across campuses. I'm assuming they are attempting to shoot on Stanford, San Fran and Redwood City.

    The problem with doing the main campus is some idiot turned the front lawn where we played Volleyball into a piece of shit concrete block.

    You didn't have to do a fucking thing to those buildings. Just move in and your company would be cool.

    Oh and throw in some quality leather Italian furnishings, as the Kitchen was awesome, the glass doors everywhere with waist level frost looks and more made the place a dream spot for work.

    It's now owned and run by,+Inc./@37.501094,-122.213143,218m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xc820d0695a8eef49

    They turned 900 Chesapeake Dr over to a split office space [2nd Floor] and the adjoining 800 Chesapeake Dr into Oncomed.

    Just sad.

    We had Sega and others inside that complex.

    I was at NeXT headquarters for three days way back, as part of the stringent reseller authorization process - this included meeting Steve for about an hour in a conference room on the second floor I think, long glass wall along the hallway. He went on about his vision for computing in future (whiteboard, Venn diagram). What was funny, after almost 30 minutes of Steve's monologue, the owner of my company (there were four of us invited out) said very calmly to Jobs, "Steve, this is very interesting butI think you are wrong.." It was hilarious, because the senior NeXT acolytes on the other side of the conference table went silently apoplectic. But in reality, Steve was interested in hearing why, and started a long, respectable conversation about the computing industry. We were authorized.


    The Redwood City headquarters was a very nice building. Also took the factory tour, where it was my first, up-close view of a solder bath....oooooohhhhhhh.....:) 

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    Originally Posted by RalphMouth View Post


    Fassbender looks and sounds nothing like Steve Job. I know he is a great actor but they couldn't find anyone better?

    Well, DiCaprio and Bale were both tied to the part earlier, but each bowed out of consideration is the unofficial talk.


    My vote was for Bale long before any rumors about him - thought he would be outstanding in the role, and physically could look much more like Jobs. But 'dems the breaks...


    If the writing is compelling, and Fassbender nails the essence of Jobs, it will probably work.

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    Originally Posted by GQB View Post

    Are techies really so ignorant that they can't separate the appearance of an actor from the actual craft of (wait for it) ACTING?

    How about we wait and see what the performance is like people. Acting <> impersonation.

    I'm with you. Harrison Ford never looked anything like Rick Dekkard either but he did a brilliant job. :-)

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