Apple seeds OS X 10.10.4 beta 2 to developers, public beta testers

in macOS edited April 2015
Apple on Monday released the second beta version of OS X 10.10.4, the upcoming refresh of its flagship desktop operating system, to both registered developers and consumers enrolled in the company's public beta program.

Monday's release follows just over one week after the first beta. The new version carries build number 14E11f.

In an unusual move, developers have not been provided with testing details for either of the two versions released thus far, so focus areas remain unknown.

Apple also posted Xcode 6.4 beta 2 on Monday. That update bears build number 6E14, and includes software development kits for iOS 8.4 beta 2 and OS X 10.10.

The new OS X 10.10.4 beta is available now via the Mac App Store or the Apple Developer Center.


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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 3,047member
    I'm sure this version was released to fix pondosinatra's shitty wifi connection.
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    mubailimubaili Posts: 453member
    Notify me when there is a new file system
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    ipilyaipilya Posts: 195member
    @mubaili can you expand on that... i am curious to know why
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    Originally Posted by iPilya View Post

    @mubaili can you expand on that... i am curious to know why

    Because he read it in some nerd Linux forum and expects Apple to completely jump at the chance to use new stuff for the sake of it.

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