Tim Cook hints Apple could be a part of 'major changes in media'



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    Apple is not into creating original content. Not sure why. I mean they sold Halo like it meant nothing to them.

    Apple never owned Halo. Bungie was sold to MS, almost with the sole purpose of continuing development on Halo.

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    wizard69 wrote: »
    I would hope so. I'd like to see Apple turn the economics of production and distribution upside down.
    They certainly could do better than the Sci-fi network. At least I would hope so as there seems to be a significant shortcoming with the way the smaller content producers and distributors think. FireFly is an example of rather thick headed thinking that I think Apple could over come.

    Not me. It would be worse than Disney. Game of Thrones is the big driver here. Can you honestly tell me that you think Apple would make anything along those lines? There was even an editorial here about how HBO and Apple clash on viewpoints regarding content.

    I'm always curious to see the numbers. I'd like to see what the subscriber base is once the season ends.
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