Undeterred by Tim Cook's browbeating, supply chain 'guesstimators' soldier on with Apple Watch appra



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    And I suppose that you're just going to tape this to your arm with silly putty then? What about the casing? There's no mention of the cost to mill casings out of aluminum, the band costs, design, R&D, tooling, management, marketing, software development, assembly, documentation, support staff, training, channel, shipping, or any other costs associated with a successful launch. Assuming Apple enjoys a 40% margin, you can assume that the cost (including paying off development from the past five years) to be $210.
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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    And the average adult human being is probably worth $63.57 in raw atomic elements. /s

    60kg H2O- $0.06 from my local municipality of Winnipeg

    16kg Carbon- $0.85 based on price of coal

    1kg Calcium- $0.50 if purchased as calcium carbonate (chalk)

    0.8kg phosophorus- $32 if purified, fertilizers containing it cost far less

    0.14kg potassium- $140 purified, fertilizers containing it cost far less

    0.14kg sulfur- $0.10


    The subsidies and tax breaks parents are getting are far more than this, so parenting should be a very lucrative business. iSupply highly recommends you invest today.

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    80¢ for the battery? Do they just make the numbers up? What evidence is that based on?

    Batteries of all types are high margin devices. I wouldn't be surprise to find that number in the ball park.
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    I'm sure lower margins are also because of lower anticipated yields or early manufacturing/component issues. For example, the taptic engine if the stories are true..

    Interestingly, I ordered my wife a smaller Watch and myself the larger one, both stainless steel, within a few minutes that Friday morning (Milanese loop for my wife's and stainless steel band for me)

    Though both had the same mid-to-late May arrival target date, my wife's arrived two days ago...mine is still pending. I wonder what percentage of shipped watches are the smaller vs the larger, and if that correlates to which supplier is having the possible issues?

    Wouldn't have Apple had a large inventory of test components ready prior to initial manufacturing. I understand JIT, but this is a case where you'd want to spend a tiny fraction of the cash load to minimize initial roll-out issues. Unless they did test a few months before, discovered what they had, and rolled out the alternative way to shop...
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    IHS Technology tore down the 38-millimeter Apple Watch Sport, estimating that its total component cost comes out to just $83.70, as <a href="http://www.zdnet.com/article/apple-watch-costs-under-85-to-make/">noted</a> by <em>ZDNet</em>. The aluminum model retails for $349.

    I can build that watch for $82.25 * ...

    'Course, I'm losing my eyesight -- so I'd never know if I did a good job (or if it even works).

    * Using #2 ponderosa pine
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    AI Coitus Interruptus
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    Isn't part of the problem sites like this that promote the guestimators and spread their "information"?
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    Originally Posted by LighteningKid View Post


    80¢ for the battery? Do they just make the numbers up? What evidence is that based on?

    Comparable batteries and the very small size of this battery.  Based on Apples volume and comparable battery costs the price is within reason.  This battery is 1/5 the capacity of a 5s battery.  Everything is smaller and uses less material including the connectors.

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    Now that folks have gotten into the S1 and identified components, I'm laughing at this. Because there is no Micron SDRAM in it... let alone any SDRAM at all. They identified the main memory as Elpida 4Gb (512MB) SRAM. If they aren't even identifying the right parts, why should we believe the actual estimate?
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    What a great headline.
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    Sure, and the human body contains about $20 worth of chemicals, but go ahead and try to build one in a lab. A fair bit of R&D (evolution) has gone into us as well, that doesn't show up in the price tag.
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    This people are imbeciles. The prices are off, what about R&D, logistics, sale numbers, so many things that are involve in the value of a product. As time goes by the price offsets and the profits starts to be greater if sales are good, if sales are bad than profits decreases. This article is pointless
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    Waste of time.
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