New Apple streaming music service could include 2 price tiers, exclusives from Taylor Swift & others

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Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its revamped streaming music service with a two-tiered subscription plan that would give families a discount, while engaging in talks to secure exclusive content from artists including Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine.

Apple has approached "more than a dozen" artists about exclusive promotional arrangements, according to Bloomberg. Such agreements would allow the company to leverage those artists' popularity to convince consumers to pay for a service that is not believed to come with a free, ad-supported listening option.

Instead, Apple is thought to be retaining Beats Music's current $9.99-per-month rate, while introducing a new $14.99-per-month fee for families. Beats previously offered a similar family plan to AT&T subscribers, but it has since been closed to new customers.

Beats cofounder and music impresario Jimmy Iovine is reportedly spearheading negotiations with artists, though it is unclear who is representing Apple in discussions with music labels. Software and services chief Eddy Cue has traditionally held that role, and he was responsible for closing the recent deal that brought HBO Now to the Apple TV.

If Apple does eventually relaunch Beats Music under the Apple brand, it will face a newly-enlarged field of competitors. In addition to established enemies like Spotify --?from which Swift pulled her music to much fanfare last year --?rapper Jay-Z recently introduced Tidal, a service dedicated to streaming high-quality tracks for up to $20 per month, in conjunction with stars like Alicia Keys and Coldplay.


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    Coldplay will come back to Apple for some $$$. Jay Zee's music is garbage so no one will miss it.

    It'll be interesting to see how this goes. I hope Apple can blow others away with a great feature set.
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    First reaction: who f'n cares about Alicia keys and Coldplay? Lol
    Apple lining up tswift and Florence and the machine. Ok there is some current name recognition. Honestly I think jay z got jealous when he saw the money Dre got from beats wanted in on the action and invested poorly.
    Next thing we know ludacris is going to start his own streaming service with exclusives from bone thugs n harmony and all4one
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    jensonbjensonb Posts: 532member
    I predicted Taylor Swift would likely make Apple's service her Most Favoured Nation back when we were talking about Tidal's launch and exclusives deals, so seeing this report doesn't surprise me. The iTunes tie-up on 1989 went very well.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member

    I'm sure someone who has paid for a Spotify-type thing will see the value in this. I certainly don't. I like the balance between iTunes Match/iTunes Radio for music.

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    aaronjaaronj Posts: 1,595member

    I'm  a big fan of T-Swizzle, so this news makes me happy.

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    Anyone in the UK who actually likes Chris Martin and Coldplay?  Flo is great though!

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    I hope it allows for offline playing like Spotify. That is a fantastic feature I use at the gym all the time (I use an old iPhone 4s as an iPod)
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member

    FM is free. So are internet radio stations.

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    aaronjaaronj Posts: 1,595member

    Originally Posted by bdkennedy1 View Post


    FM is free. So are internet radio stations.

    Well, Internet radio is only free if you have access to the Internet.  Now, granted, that's more and more common -- at your local Starbuck's for example.  But still ...

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    Apple could blow everyone out the market with this, if they pull it off in time. Although I think it should be slightly cheaper. I can't wait, hopefully iOS 8.4?
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    Music never used to be about being forced to choose a certain device to listen to your favourite artists.

    It sort of reads 'Taylor Swift arrives exclusively on 8 Track'.
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