Years-old Safari private browsing bug saves URL of every page visited, remains unfixed



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    So this means the NSA can determine how often I've looked at Midget Porn sites??? :grumble:

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    While on the subject of Safari .... my MBP gets very hot running the latest official release and the latest developer release, the fan screams and yes I have tried everything from SMC, PRAM, Reset ... you name it. Good news is ... The latest nightly webkit runs perfectly.
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    Hey, wait a minute. I just realized something about this. I wiped my entire hard drive when I did that reinstall of 10.10.1 and my entire browsing history still showed up again.


    So that means that iCloud is saving every URL you visit, in addition to it being local.

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    That... is creepy as hell.
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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post




    If you do 'clear history and website data', you then have to log into your account in iTunes. iTunes relies on a Safari cookie, which is archaic.

    What's archaic to you is a valuable safety feature to me. I don't leave my iTunes account open 24/7. In fact, I will only open it long enough to buy something. I leave the iTunes app open, for apple TV purposes but not my account. IMO, that's just the prudent thing to do.

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    Is Private Browsing History on OS X Yosemite 10.10 and Safari 9 now truly private? E Baxe
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