AppleInsider podcast discusses new Macs, Apple Watch update & Wall Street analysts

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This week's all-new AppleInsider podcast features Neil Hughes and Shane Cole as we discuss the latest iMac, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch news. Also, Neil has a word to say on Wall Street analysts.

AppleInsider staff members Neil Hughes, Shane Cole, and Victor Marks discuss the top stories:

New MacBook Pro and iMac released
Apple acquires Coherent Navigation, a precision GPS company
Apple Watch roundup: Watch OS update, Continuity, sales predictions, and the Mophie Dock
Carl Icahn, Gene Munster, and the Apple television rumors that wouldn't die
Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie

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    I heard you guys talking about how frustrating it was to control your music while running and it left me a little confused as I have not had much trouble doing the same.

    I simply launch the music app %u2014 not the glance %u2014 then launch the RunKeeper app (my favorite workout app). Once both apps have been launched, all you have to do is double tap the digital crown to switch between the apps. (No swiping up from the bottom for the music glance and all the other muss and fuss you described).

    While RunKeeper is running I can see my current pace and other stats. If I need to switch to the music app, I just double tap the crown and then double tap the crown to go back to RunKeeper.

    If all I want to do is skip forward or backward to another music track or change the volume, I simply I can skip the music app altogether and just use the controls on my bluetooth headphones.

    Either way it is easy and not as involved as what you guys were complaining about on the last podcast.

    Give it a try.
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    maccadmaccad Posts: 87member
    I use the Utility face on my Watch, but I was wanting to put more complications on it than it would hold. Then I discovered I could eliminate a couple with Siri. "Hey Siri, stopwatch" brings up the stopwatch app. "Hey Siri, countdown five minutes" starts the timer.
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    maccadmaccad Posts: 87member
    Here's why you need an App screen on the Watch. If you have more than about six glances, it becomes unworkable to swipe through them. Glances is not an acceptable replacement for the App screen.
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    hoobitronhoobitron Posts: 28member
    Great job, guys. Gelled much better than last week. Look forward to next week.
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