Apple posts 'Backstage' parody sketch from WWDC 2015



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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,504member
    He made it a vampire camera.

    And the whole thing was shot during a vampire weekend.
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    tomhayestomhayes Posts: 128member

    Matt Walsh from the Upright Citizen's Brigade was the angel investor.

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    asciiascii Posts: 5,941member

    Originally Posted by thrang View Post

    I don't recall the name of the actress thats his assistant, but I didn't like her in "House" and in this...the only reason is she has horrible enunciation and swallows half her words...

    I thought she was perfect and was trying to remember where I had seen her before... it was House, thanks.

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    tomhayestomhayes Posts: 128member

    The assistant was Charlyne Yi.

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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,504member
    tomhayes wrote: »
    The assistant was Charlyne Yi.

    I thought she was well cast here.
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    bluejfkbluejfk Posts: 6member
    Is that John Hodgman to the right of the Tim Cook look alikes on the elevator?
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    philsphils Posts: 22member
    I totally sucks!
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    orthorimorthorim Posts: 160member

    I see two things. 


    One a company with too much money. Production quality out the wazoo. I mean, it was amazing. Perhaps a little too amazing. (**)


    Two a company that is changing but still "has" it. This is the sort of internal video to rally the troops - both Apple employees and WWDC developers, the second tier stakeholders in Apple's continued wellbeing. 


    Taking down the competition like that is also pretty clever really. First, Apple shows you that if they wanted to, they could put up a show that's 10 times as entertaining as what the wannabes put on. Strike one. Strike two: All you need is a laptop and a bottle of water if you have something to say. 


    PS: Tim Cook-alikes - priceless. 


    (**) - Between this video, and Jony Ive having bespoke chairs made for the deck in the new Apple HQ, there is an air of hubris on Apple. Apple's always been accused of that, but it's never been true, certainly not under Jobs. But now, with Apple winning on all fronts, and with money piling to the moon, they're in serious danger of getting a little too comfortable. 

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    highrezhighrez Posts: 10member

    As to how they avoid reflections, that's a very old filmmaking trick. The mirror is angled in a way that is not visible to the viewer, but keeps the viewer from seeing the camera.

    On TV and movie sets it's done all the time. In fact, when they build standing sets with reflective surfaces like mirrors, they often make them adjustable for just this purpose. The actors have to "cheat" with the angle of where they're looking/pointing to make it look like those surfaces are really straight. If you'd really be standing on the set you'd see that they're cantered. Sometimes quite a lot.

    Alternately, they replace the mirror with clear glass, or remove it altogether and have something else in its place, or shoot from that position.

    (Eg, when you see and interrogation room on a cop show with a one-way mirror. The mirror is removable. When they're shooting the interrogation, it's there. When you see the people in the other room looking through the "mirror," there's nothing there, or they replace it with clear.

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