Apple highlights LGBT content with special curated App Store section



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    foggyhill wrote: »
    That's right. Culture, society (nation, tribe, extended family, family) is built on human acting most of the time, for a common good and creating/sharing a common identity.

    And now more than ever in human history all cultures are connected, our customs shared, and at light speed we can converse in ways never before dreamed. It's a beautiful thing. Without this medium we would be regulated to periodicals for a given topic and then use local groups in which to inconveniently meet in person. With that needless propinquity removed we can more efficiently discuss many more topics across a wide range of subjects and with an unlimited number of people. I fucking love this world community!
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    Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post

    Wow, how very...tolerant...of you, DED.

    I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect. But that doesn't make me a racist KKK member. I've met and spent time with people from more countries than probably almost anyone here(and continue to do so). People are people, they're good and bad regardless of race or nationality. So, just like I would never say "all Saudis are bad" or "all Jews are greedy", don't say "All Christians are racist/sexist/hateful", because it's not true.

    He didn't.

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    How's being gay political? Are you being political because you were born straight? The straight store is huge and the gay store is so small in comparison, I wouldn't pay no mind to it.
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    You guys are taking this waaaay too seriously.
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    I agree with msantti. This is getting way over the top. Apple can find money to go to gay parades, but they can't sponsor an information booth at NAB or WPPI or any other trade show. Their pro apps have dwindled down to 2 programs (FCPX and Logic). Shake disappeared, Aperture was a great program, but Adobe out marketed them by being at every show displaying Lightroom. There productivity suite Pages, Numbers and, well, I'll give Keynote a bye, have lackluster features.

    I use my computer to make a living. Apple can be fair with their weird lifestyle employees, but I'm the one that is putting out the hard earned money for their product and I would rather see the company spending resources useful hardware (and it doesn't have to be paper thin) than going to some banana hammock parade.
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    "weird lifestyle employees"

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    Some of the views in this thread are incredibly depressing. I feel lucky to live somewhere where an LGBT film or book section in a store wouldn't be controversial in the slightest.

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    Let's say msantti's message is perfectly alright. His political views obviously are opposed to what Apple displays here. I understand that %u2013 and I, too, think that political views should not be at the forefront of businesses' marketing.

    But then again: Apple's original logo was rainbow coloured and it never hid that it was attracting customers who are forward-thinking, like good design etc. Supporting a civil rights cause so widely accepted that even the hardest right-wing politician "evolves" on the subject as soon as his daughter or son or newphew or sibling comes out is not _really_ a political move. It's a social commentary at best/worst.

    Nobody forces anyone to download these movies or apps from what I can see. Get over it.
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    I'm trying to understand why people on AI's forums are getting angry that Apple has created a section of their store highlighting items that may be of interest to LGBT people, myself included?


    Where's the hatred towards sci-fi movie lovers when Apple promotes sci-fi movies? Or rock music to rock music lovers? Where's the anger against those groups? Nowhere.


    I don't like the chick-flick promotions Apple occasionally do because I don't like chick-flicks, but I certainly don't become a keyboard warrior and deride those who do have an interest.


    The only reason there's anger against this LGBT section is because you're probably basing it on a religious belief that says anything LGBT is bad, wrong or sinful. (So is eating shellfish...)


    A few things to clear up here:

    - It isn't wrong, morally or in any other sense.

    - There is no link between being gay and being a paedophile, so don't even think about bringing up that tired old comparison.

    - It is NOT a choice, decision or preference. Your sexuality is an innate part of your being, just as your eye colour and hair colour are.


    People are different. Some people like cats, some like dogs. Should you complain about them? Should those who like cats boycott a manufacturer because it also makes dog food?

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    I am only interested in contributions by she/male whack jobs.
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    I thought Boys Don't Cry was a good (though shocking) movie. I saw Philadelphia years ago but can't really remember it. Haven't seen any of the others shown.

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    LGBT apps are being featured because June is Pride month, with events in NYC, SF, LA and many other cities. It happens every year.

    The "idiot shooter" with Apartheid-Fox News-KKK/Confederacy-extremist Christian leanings has nothing to do with it. 

    Also, if there were, say, a resurgence of neo-nazi violence cheered on by people waving Swastikas while also claiming that, say, a rash of Nazi murders targeting Jews were really just an attack on "people of faith" (not Jews!!!) by "troubled" lone wolves with mental health problems, then it would be reasonable for corporations to examine if they were selling anything that might be construed as supporting Nazi hate groups and distance themselves from it as quickly as possible. 

    Many people, including people who grew up in the South, might not associate the Confederate battle flag with anything other than Southern culture and the Dukes of Hazard. However, when you have a shocking hate crime involving mass murder, and it is associated with a symbol that, upon further study, is really the flag of a treasonous rebellion that fought to establish apartheid and slavery, and then was waved in contempt for the federal government enforcing an end to segregation and establishing civil rights for all races, and continues to be embraced by white supremacists who despise blacks, you have some garbage you need to dispose of from the App Store. 

    While this doesn't have any direct connection to GLBT rights, the fact that you think it does shows that there remains a very strong link between the Southern Strategy of the Republican Party and White Supremacists, hatred of gays, anti-science charlatans, and traitorous government separatists of various stripes.

    I think Republicans just lost the election. Look at all these clueless candidates screaming from their pulpits that racism doesn't exist, and that Obama created racial tensions because he is half black, and that the confederate flag should be flapping above government buildings, and that gays should be rounded up and killed, and vilifying health care. Absolutely no clue in their minds. And they want to run the country! What a joke. This is a despicable layer of filth that you should be distancing yourself from, not smearing in your mouth and spitting at people. 

    I've hated with DeD's assholeness until today. New admirer :)
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    Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post

    I'm more than aware of the atrocities being committed against people of faith by Muslim extremists in the Middle East. It gives a lot of perspective to the whining over the "suffering" of groups here. Here, homosexuals whine that a "mean baker" wouldn't make them a cake; while they (and far too many Americans in general) remain silent on their brothers and sisters being slaughtered by ISIS, or on the children being literally crucified, or the people having their heads blown off with detonator cord.

    I didn't say "Apps of Christianity", I said "Apps of Faith".

    OK, I stand corrected then. I do have (as an atheist) different opinions about Faith than yours, but I misjudged your point, and I apologise for that.

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    The question you have to ask yourself is: do you only want to surround yourself with people and corporations that agree with whatever your political bias is? Are you that intolerant of speech you disagree with?


    Apple is demonstrably intolerant by engaging in selective promotion/censorship. 

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post


    The "unequal pay" canard has been disproven repeatedly.



    I've read the exact opposite, including from governmental sources. I'm perplexed by your affirmation.


    I'd kind of feel inclined to ask if your information comes from a website that also disproves climate change and demonstrates that the Twin Towers were remote detonated...

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    Originally Posted by Zapf Brannigan View Post



    Apple is demonstrably intolerant by engaging in selective promotion/censorship. 

    Well, Apple sure doesn't like porn :p

    However, intolerance because they promote minorities is a very weird point to make. Are you sure you know what intolerance means?

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    Originally Posted by lightknight View Post


    However, intolerance because they promote minorities is a very weird point to make. Are you sure you know what intolerance means?

    Fine, Apple selectively caters to certain favored minority groups and intolerant towards historic accuracy and context. Does that satisfy your specificity twitch, or do you want to troll my comment(s) some more? 

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    Originally Posted by muppetry View Post

    It's a matter of opportunity, not inevitability. To take advantage of the privilege you still have to have some talent and ability, and the willingness to work with it. That you, apparently, do not, does not imply that the privilege does not exist.

    I do find two things quite annoying.

    First, I keep reading "white privilege", like if being an Irish or an Italian was easy back in the 30s, 50s or even 70s. That's no "200 years".  Italians and Irish are now considered "white", when they weren't a few decades ago. WASP-privilege is much more accurate.

    Second, I may be wrong, but I feel it's less a matter of white privilege than "colored-discrimination". There are more than enough "poor white" that suffer the same situation than "poor blacks" in the USA, and *they* cannot claim discrimination. It feels like the bottom of the ladder is occupied by "poor white", immediately followed by "poor black", then "poor other coloured" like asians or latin people, then well-to-do blacks, then whites, then asians, and then rich black, rich asians, and on top of the world, rich WASP. Of course, it might be only a flight of fancy, but it really seems like color is more of a disadvantage/advantage for black/white people as their revenues go up in America...


    While I'm at it, I'd assume that any white person on this forum, being interested in Apple, can afford sufficiently expensive hardware that they at least fall in the "well-to-do" category. It seems highly unlikely that "poor white" or "poor black" people have time to waste arguing on Internet forums about Apple anyway...

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    Originally Posted by Zapf Brannigan View Post


    Fine, Apple selectively caters to certain favored minority groups and intolerant towards historic accuracy and context. Does that satisfy your specificity twitch, or do you want to troll my comment(s) some more? 

    Well, since you ask so nicely, what do you mean by "intolerant towards historic accuracy and context"?

    <sarcasm>I wasn't aware that accuracy could feel discrimination?</sarcasm>


    (I believe you either meant revisionist or respectful?)

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    Harvey Milk is proven right again; the reason these trolls get fired up about gays having rights or equal marriage etc is that they can't admit to themselves that they might be one of us inside.

    - If they were straight like they say they are, they wouldn't care that much. Certainly wouldn't bother to post to a blog about it.
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