iTunes Match libraries seeing duplicates, bad metadata ahead of Apple Music launch

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As Apple Music prepares to launch later on Tuesday, many people are experiencing problems with iTunes Match that are causing havoc with their music libraries, according to complaints received by AppleInsider and on Apple's support forums.

via Apple Support Communities
via Apple Support Communities

Reported issues can range from trouble downloading or streaming songs to split albums, duplicate artists and playlists, or simply inaccurate metadata and album art. So far problems appear to be limited mostly to people trying to browse their libraries from an iOS 8.3 device or an Apple TV, as people with earlier versions of iOS or listening on their desktop are often unaffected.

The glitches also appear to affect both uploaded music and music bought directly from the iTunes Store. Apple support staff have been unable to resolve the situation so far.

It's unclear if the problems are related to the introduction of Apple Music. Apple describes both services as "independent but complementary," noting that Apple Music subscribers will likewise be able to upload any songs not already in Apple's catalog. iTunes Match is cheaper at $25 per year, but only offers cloud access to uploaded music and iTunes purchases.

The company could conceivably be working on integrating the Apple Music and iTunes Match backends, which might explain some additional complaints about iTunes having trouble connecting to Match from a Mac or PC. Apple is due to release new versions of iOS and iTunes later today, which may bring some fixes in addition to enabling Apple Music support.

Apple also revealed this week that iTunes Match and Apple Music support for tracks in the cloud will expand from its current cap of 25,000 songs to 100,000 songs this fall with the release of iOS 9.


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    zroger73zroger73 Posts: 783member
    Last night, I noticed that many of my iTunes Radio stations had been wiped out. They're still gone as of this morning. They no longer appear in the "New Station" list when I try to re-add them. It appears Apple has adjusted their station list and eliminated a lot of stations. For example, I had a Chill station that disappeared. Now, there is different Chill station with different artwork and a completely different playlist. Decades is now gone along with an 80s and 90s station I had added. I've also had problems with the House station playing the same few songs over and over in the same exact order. This has been an intermittent problem since iTunes Radio was introduced.
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    I've had this issue for nearly a week now. Not a word from Apple about it.

    Match is a huge disappointment for me.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,505member
    I'd suggest logging out / turning Match off, and starting it again. It only takes a few moments. I just started iTunes Match on a new Mac and everything came in fine.
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    I haven't add any major issues with my 20k library. However, I have noticed that in my Recently Added section, albums I've had in my library for years are now listed there. I assume this was because it was recently updated?
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    I haven't add any major issues with my 20k library. However, I have noticed that in my Recently Added section, albums I've had in my library for years are now listed there. I assume this was because it was recently updated?

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    Just updated to iOS 8.4 and the issue is resolved.

    An email or some kind of message from Apple during this week of frustration would have been nice though.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,505member
    sog35 wrote: »
    This is why I choose to purchase my media with a hard copy ( Bluray, MP3 burn on CD).

    I don't want to be reliant on some other parties servers or an internet connection or a change in policy.

    I bet people hoarded clay tablets and papyrus scrolls too, those Gutenberg presses were so unreliable! ;)
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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,530member
    I love Apple products but iTunes Match has been a huge disappointment from its inception. Strangely enough I turned it on last night on one of my Macs and sure enough I have several albums where every song is duplicated. I know that iTunes is very easily confused and will sometimes split albums due to one of the metadata fields being slightly different like the word "and" being represented as "&" of a capitalization difference. The Match feature makes regular iTunes look like a genius, which isn't saying much. I trust Apple will eventually fix it because they finally figured out how to reliably sync my iDevices after at least a year of constant problems. I'm worried that Apple Music will be like iTunes Match and try to booger up my music collection or get into infinite upload & sync behaviors like the new Photos app which aggressively consumes all of the available bandwidth on my ISP connection. It seems like too many companies who are on the leading edge of cloud services forget that we don't all have the fat data pipes that they are testing their products with. Otherwise they wouldn't be slamming what little available bandwidth too many of us are stuck with due to locality.

    Good luck Apple Music. I hope you turn out to be a good friend and not an annoyance.
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    trydtryd Posts: 142member

    I don't think Match is available where I live. Is there any use in paying for this when I have 4 TB of ALAC files of classical music locally? I also don't buy files on the net (the exception is from Hyperion that sell ALAC files of their catalogue)

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    woochiferwoochifer Posts: 384member

    Yep, I started noticing the issue this morning as well. It seems to primarily affect compilations in which I designated an "Album Artist" such as DJ mixes. But, the glitch shows up in all sorts of random places. It's irritating, because with those albums I can only listen to one track at a time.


    Already tried logging in and out of iTunes and toggling iTunes Match on and off. The issue persists. I'll try logging my main computer (where I store my music files) in and out of iTunes later on and see if that helps. I'd prefer not to upgrade to iOS 8.4 until I hear more about the changes Apple made to the Music app (reading a lot of complaints about the interface, and how the iTunes Radio function has been crippled). Unfortunately, this seems like something Apple would just leave alone and advise people to fix by upgrading to iOS 8.4 (like the FaceTime bug that locked out users of older iOS versions).


    Been using iTunes Match for about two years, and it has actually worked quite well for me, especially in the last year or so. In the beginning, it could not find a lot of tracks when I was listening in my car. But, I haven't seen that kind of error in well over a year. With Apple's short attention span and new focus on launching Apple Music, I wonder if this is another Apple service that will just suffer from neglect until they finally pull the plug. Yes, it's a promising sign that they're raising the track limit to 100,000. But, otherwise I doubt that we'll see major improvements, given how they're trying to sign 500M users up for Apple Music.

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    the best work around for this, is to sign out of iTunes match / iCloud Library. Reboot the device, and sign back in, and recheck anything you might have unchecked. After a few minutes of loading, everything will be back to normal. Album art will load slowly later on.

    works on 8.3 and 8.4
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    I've found iTunes Match to be the best music service ever up until this problem. No more hunting for cds and essy access to any track among almost 20k. But, now seeing these very same problems in iTunes and not a word from Apple, I'm concerned about the feasability of trusting Apple to keep my music safe. Even saving all the cds I ripped most of my music from is not a great solution. It took way too many hours creating this iTunes Match collection from cds to even contemplate doing it again. Surprisingly this is the first of a number of cloud services that has failed me. Even the much criticized Amazon music has been more reliable in my experience. My hope is Apple will fix this and continue providing the iTunes Match service at the very reasonable cost it has been doing so far.
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    No such luck so far as this is 10-28-15 and Apple techs still not helpful. Just like the mess the photo library made to my photos, which is not able to be fixed. Apple comes up with some great ideas. Too bad they can't make them work right. Same really still goes for iTunes and iCloud which are both weak links.
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