Photos of alleged 'iPhone 6s' chassis show revised internal layout, unchanged external design [u]

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A set of supposedly leaked photos suggest Apple's next-generation iPhone will include new or redesigned internal components, while retaining an external design identical to current models.

Update: Additional photos suggest that Apple might switch to Qualcomm's MDM9635M LTE modem, which could bring download speeds twice as fast as the iPhone 6 and increase battery life thanks to more efficient power management.

If the image above, obtained by 9to5Mac, is legitimate, the so-called "iPhone 6s" chassis boasts a design externally identical to currently shipping iPhone 6 models. As the publication failed to reveal the photos' source, AppleInsider cannot verify their authenticity and offers the following for purposes of discussion.

It appears that device dimensions, all physical buttons, speaker ports, SIM card tray, rear camera ports, antennas and Apple logo are unchanged from current designs. This runs counter to rumors that pointed to a slightly thicker device to accommodate Force Touch sensors and add structural rigidity. It is possible that a Force Touch enabled display would in fact require a larger assembly.

Given Apple's strategy of carrying over external handset designs for "S" series products, the lack of external change is to be expected.

Interestingly, a few internal structures suggest Apple plans to incorporate new hardware, or at least make modifications to the existing arrangement. Compared to the iPhone, the chassis shown in today's photos sports modified logic board pegs and different positioning for other mounting points, a sign of updated components.

While mere speculation, the rearranged internals could support rumored device additions, including Force Touch pressure sensing technology borrowed from Apple Watch. A report last week claimed manufacturers are already conducting initial production runs on next-gen iPhone models with integrated Force Touch displays.

Also rumored for inclusion are a 12MP rear shooter, more onboard RAM, a material change to 7000 series aluminum and a new rose gold color option. it was also said that a dual-lens camera setup would be employed, though the chassis seen today suggests otherwise.

Apple is expected to release its next-generation smartphone this fall in the same 4.7- and 5.5-inch form factors.


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    They could still switch to 7000 series aluminum and not have it be visibly thicker, unless I'm mistaken. This may not be the final product either.

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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    This may not be the final product either.

    Bingo! Apple is known to have many revisions inflight to evaluate the devices potential.

    Also it should be bloody obvious from history that Apple tries to reuse the basic chassis in the following year after a new form factor release.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    sog35 wrote: »
    Once again 'well connected insider' Ming Kuo is wrong.
    He is no more right or wrong than this leak until Apple actually ships a product.
    He said the shell would be thicker than the 6 to make room for force touch.

    hey world I'm Ming Kuo and I say 100 things about up coming Apple products and if 1 or 2 of them come true I get called a well connected insider.

    Have you tried ignoring Kuo if she gets you this worked up over nothing By the way most of the reports coming from Kuo are in the form of might or I think this will happen.
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    tmaytmay Posts: 5,452member

    I was quite surprised to see the number and kind of press in thread inserts, made of a much higher strength ferrous alloy I expect,  especially the thread inserts for the horizontal thread orientation. That's not a fabrication technique typical for consumer products.

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    pfisherpfisher Posts: 758member

    Please, dual cameras for the DSLR effect.

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    digitoldigitol Posts: 245member
    I can't stand the power switch on the side, Straight across from the volume buttons. I end up pressing the power and volume at the same time. Lame.
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,600member
    So much for the front camera flash rumor.
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    hmm888hmm888 Posts: 20member
    if not mistaken, the new Qualcomm's MDM9635M LTE modem is over 2 years old now (from 2013) which in computer la la land is ancient.
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