Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac launches with cloud storage support, Windows 8 Start button, 40% faster



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    Just gotten around to write up an in-depth review of Parallels Desktop 9 here. Lots of nice improvements and great performance (it's already so since version 7 onwards!) Not too sure if it's worth upgrading from version 8, but if you're on 7 or below, the combined features in 8 and 9 is well worth the upgrade.

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    jackwangjackwang Posts: 1member
    Be extra careful with the software.

    You might be trapped for a continues paying schedule.

    I wish I have seen the Users review before I purchased full version of the Parallel Desktop software. Then I won't really do it.
    I am not a computer expert, but I have pretty good experience with PC and Mac. when I got my mac, I still have some paid full version of software which for PC I use, that's the reason I considered a friend suggestion. He showed me his brand new Mac computer and the software he bought. I thought was nice. Then I went out and bought a full version to install it on my Mac. It has been working, But it always ask me to upgrade of course pay for them. I didn't need the "new features" so I didn't. But now when Mac upgrade to current Yosemite the Parallel doesn't work due to Virtual machine function. I can't not use the Parallels.

    I contact the customer support team. This is where the trouble begins.
    The support team was very consist on their phone manner, and as well as their suggestion -- Money.
    all of them want me to pay full price for an other version of the software, because they do not support some older version of their software. I left my contact info to them, they said they will call back. some did. Some just never did.
    after quiet a few phone calls and e-mails. There was one Customer support manager replied and offer me an 8 dollars discount. I thought They were joking at the beginning, but it turn out that their manager couldn't make any decision more than 8 dollars! What a bit company !
    I told them I feel they don't even take customer inquiry seriously, and felt very back about their system user experience. Then they manager promised me to call me back in 24 hrs to see if any possible solutions. But he lied, no one called and no e-mail was sent.

    I won't buy their product again. I felt being cheated.
    Very Bad experience.
    I guess I will take the suggest other software to run windows on my mac.

    If you enjoy being cheated for your money, then keep buying every version of their software, this will make them happy for sure.
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