Apple's new ad campaign says, 'If it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone'



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    cornchip wrote: »
    I've been feeling that way for a while and it's reassuring to see I'm not the only one. Seems like AI has a smaller, more tight-knit community who, for the most part, actually likes Apple products.

    Except I find AI posters to be a lot nastier if you don't praise everything Apple does. One can be a fan of Apple without liking every single thing they do.
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    Originally Posted by dysamoria View Post

    I remember, ten years ago, my older sister telling me that she bought a Palm Pilot.

    It was a WinCE device and it was awful.

    I though all Palm devices ran PalmOS up until the very last years where there were a couple of Windows Mobile Treos, and then WebOS?

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    Originally Posted by chadmatic View Post

    If it's not Tidal Music Service it's not Tidal Music Service!

    So are you pro-Tidal? I can't quite decipher your comment.

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    If you don't own a Galaxy....well then you don't own a Galaxy

    Bah! Who wants a Galaxy when you can have the whole damn Apple Universe! :P 

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    Originally Posted by dysamoria View Post

    I'm in that population that hates the disastrous GUI destruction post iOS 6. It's not that it's untrue all that's said about the changes. There are people who have spent their lives researching human-computer interfacing and they actually know what they're talking about. Anecdotally, I've seen plenty complaint toward the changes from average users that don't have a voice here in the tech geek community. The opinion is merely unpopular. Specialist knowledge and popular opinion don't usually intersect. The populous tends to take what it's given, and support it enthusiastically if it has a sense of newness. Research studies on behavior show that novelty will make people react positively, whether the change is beneficial or harmful to overall productivity. This is why studies attempt to reduce the awareness of the subjects that they're being studied.


    Yeah, see what tells me the most that Apple is on the right track is that the criticism comes not from regular people but from jerks. You know, people who cite anecdotes instead of evidence. People who proclaim themselves "experts in the field" but haven't designed anything that real people pay money for yet dismiss the the work of a company that can get nearly 100 million people a quarter to buy their stuff at a near 50% markup over cost. People who then close by dismissing the preferences of half a billion mostly well educated and affluent people as mere novelty seeking. In short, the kind of people you never want to be stuck next to at a party.


    Have fun at MR. 

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    This tag line is gonna get soooo troll style hijacked by Samsung in one way or another!!
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    Originally Posted by Flaneur View Post

    This is such a bogus, rectilinear attitude. Just because your goddamn TV, which weighs 80 pounds and is stuck on a stand or on the wall, just because it has a landscape aspect ratio, you anti-portrait left-brained people gotta stick your nose in everybody's portrait business. The phone fits in your hand, you can turn it any way you like. People have a vertical aspect ratio. You can frame someone from three feet closer with portrait over landscape.

    Get over it.

    Edit: hey, sorry eyekey, I just noticed your first post. Apologies, and welcome to the forum. You just happened to hit one of my crank buttons.


    Well, our vision system is also landscape, so maybe you go rant about that too ;-).


    I do agree close framing is much harder to do in landscape (especially 16x9) (thaT's why our central vision is better and also our brain tends to ignore part of the periphery).  Still, we don'T really see in portrait at all.


    Anyway, the traditional 4 by 3 of photos is well suited to close shots (better than a sideway 9x16 that's for sure.

    Too bad sensors are no longer built that way. Maybe we need 2 sensors :-).


    BTW, to put someone completely in a 9x16 frame, you're not really that close, so your not getting the best of a close up either.

    One of the issue I have with 9x16 framing is lack of context for the shot. You get a lot of the subject but he might as well be on the moon (unless others crowd into frame). That's why you get the traditional bunched up Selfie framing

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    If it's not an iPhone then either you REALLY are glad to see me or it's your wallet still stuffed with all the cash you saved.
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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post



    You have 12 posts on this forum, ALL of which are negative, and all of which contain the same level of insight and intelligence as your above post. How sad. I find it mind blowing how people take the time and energy to register and discuss on a forum about a company they hate, that does not excite them, and when they have nothing positive to contribute. 

    Last time I checked, I was entitled to an opinion. Ask me why do you think it sucks??... that would be the type of reply/question I would expect. If you don't like my comment, move on dude. Regardless of what you think, I'm not an Apple hater, actually is quite the contrary. I've have been a loyal Apple customer for over 20 years and me and my company have spend more money buying Apple products than what you will in your lifetime. So please.... Was my comment negative? Yes it was, and there is a reason for it. Like Apple was build only on positive feedback.... they make mistakes and unfortunately I don't like the way things are turning. You talk about being positive but reading some of your posts it seems that you like to attack anybody that doesn't align with your opinions.

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