it seems the general public was happy about macworld

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every "general" (read: not hardcore mac, or mac follower) observer of MWNY seemed pleased, and if not, pleasantly surprised by the announcements made at MWNY. the "cool" press (wired, ign, times, spin, rolling stone) seemed enamored and extremely happy and optimistic about apple. i found this interesting because most core-Mac users (aka AppleInsinder members and the lot) seemed mostly displeased at the announcements, or lack thereof any good hardware at MWNY. I pretty sure this was what Apple and Jobs wanted; the general, non-mac user to get excited; I think the general public would be more wowed by easy to use software announcements that can do cool (but mostly useless, albeit less time consuming) tasks, rather than giga-poo-poo doo-hickie majiggie powerbook or powermac. i'm speaking as a former (as of two years ago) non-mac following, "general pc using public" person; i would be more interested in seeing kewl little software tasks (not knowing that it has more aesthetic reasons to please me than actual practical use in my life), than hearing the announcement of a geeked out piece of hardware, no doubt to be made fun of by "cool" icons, like John Stewart and the like. Basically, Apple wanted to be cool, and shed some of it's geek-nerd ways (which sucks, cuz i wanted a new powerbook). <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />


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    hikohtahikohta Posts: 41member
    of course, it makes even more sense being in New York and opening it's biggest store; afterall, New York is the trendiest place on Earth; Jobs and Co. have to be trendy in NYC, more than good ol' geeky and nerdy. i say 'boo'.
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    The real test as to whether or not the "general public" was impressed will be if MacWorld along with the Switch campaign prompt new converts in notable numbers. If we don't see sales rise, the "cool press" can continue writing "love-letter" product reviews of iMacs, PowerBooks & iPods and it will not matter. I, for one, think Steve did accomplish what you suggested and the non-computer savvy, PC using public could easily be wooed by Apple's products so long as they are marketed well. That is to say, more Switch ads. Everywhere.
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    I think you're right. It looks like Switch is working.

    I also think that when people see a good demo like the one Jobs did and all the Jaguar features they're going to be blown away like I was.

    Jobs kept saying that the big new thing was isync. No one that's ticked off because their freebie email account went in the toilet seems to be interested in isync and the other stuff.
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