AppleInsider podcast talks Apple Watch at Best Buy, rumored iPads, Steve Jobs movies & an Apple car

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This week's all-new AppleInsider podcast features Mikey Campbell and Neil Hughes as we talk about Apple Watch sales expanding to Best Buy, all the Steve Jobs movies, and a possible Apple Car. Neil and Victor talk about the security issues with Android, and Mikey discusses what security issues mean as cars become rolling computers.

AppleInsider staff members Neil Hughes, Mikey Campbell, and Victor Marks discuss the top stories:

  • Apple Watch coming to Best Buy Aug. 7

  • "iPad mini 4" and "iPad Air 3" rumored devices

  • The trailed for "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine"

  • Android security issues

  • BMW i3 as the basis for a rumored "Apple Car"

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    Bout 13 minutes in the sound starts to act up, I can hear someone talking but it's so low I have no idea what it's being said.
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    So I've seen the documentary of Steve Jobs discussed in the podcast.

    I was at the first screening at SXSW, and I was expecting it to be a good documentary. The director, Alex Gibney, made some terrific award-winning docs that I would recommend, and still do. His other bodies of work stand on their own merits.


    Gibney makes documentaries that shed light on a not-well understood topic, like the mark-to-market accounting and shell company practices that lead to the demise of Enron in his documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room.


    This documentary is not like those others. Unless Gibney naively thought the general Apple-buying public don't know what a prick Steve Jobs was IRL, or don't know how evil Apple was to Foxconn's Chinese factory workers, or how mean Apple was to some Gawker blogger named Jason Chen, and decided to shed light on these topics. The resulting documentary is almost like a negative antidote to (what Gibney imagines is) the general public's positive image of Steve at the time of his death. It's 100% negative, 100% critical of Jobs, and of Apple.


    For anyone who has read Walter Isaacson's biography, or anyone who regularly reads AppleInsider, there is nothing new in the documentary. We've heard these stories before. We know about the lost/stolen iPhone 4 prototype. The Foxconn worker suicide over the missing iPhone prototype. The Woz story about not being paid fairly for Breakout. The story about how Steve denied being Lisa's father. For those who are well-versed on the topics of Apple and Jobs, it just comes across as one-sided and intentionally critical. So I assume the documentary isn't for those people. But if the movie is only capable of surprising people who are completely ignorant of the subject, what does that say about the quality of this documentary? He's pretending to pull back a curtain that has already been pulled back. Why would something like that ever be worth watching? It's a two-hour anti-Apple, anti-Jobs troll.

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