paying full price for jaguar sucks



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    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan Brisby:

    <strong>SWEET! My parents ordered a new iBook 5 minutes ago! (Guess who's gonna get the reciept and proof of purchase?) ME, that's right! LOL, now I can upgrade to Jag for the $20! Sweet!!!!! I was trying to plot out how I would manage this. Awsome!</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Man, you're lucky.
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    As for free e-mail - I'm looking at Apple's web site and cannot find any reference to the company becoming a registered charity. Free e-mail was an abberation of the late nineties - a fact which is validated by the HotMail, Yahoo et al moving to commercial models.

    My new (long established) free email service is fine for me, so I won't need .Mac. However,

    a free email address was part of iTools, free with every Mac purchase, like my iBook. was a selling point, a reason to buy a Mac, much like the iApps. Perhaps "free iApps" are an aberration of the early 00's, and Apple should charge additional fees for iTunes, iPhoto, et al. After all, where in Apple's web site do they say they're a charity. "C'mon Apple, I want to additional fees for iPhoto, iTunes, Watson doh I mean Sherlock 3, and Fire,err, iChat. You can't just give them away!" Just think of all the profit Apple can generate, making all of us happy.
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    jet powersjet powers Posts: 288member
    The fact that everyone is bitching about paying means that Apple has done a good job on developing something people want and need.

    After all, if everyone were saying, "Well, I'll just stick with 10.1.5 for now, and see what happens," then I'd be worried.

    Face it, we'll all pay because 10.2 is just that much better than 10.1.5.....

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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I bought an iBook a few months ago (the "Circuit City Special" )

    Dangit, if I was rich I'd pay $129 just for the box Now, I may buy it yet since I'm going to college, but Pat on TechT... I mean PeeCeeTV was right, this is going to be the most pirated OS ever, at least in Mac land.

    I don't suppose the ol' CheckForOSX file is still there? Wouldn't it be great to borrow a Jag CD and just zap one file, image, and burn! This I appreciated, so I could make OS X boot discs. How do you make a Jaguar boot disc?

    Damn that CD looks cool... Now it needs hardware to run on.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I wonder what M$ will say now...!
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    moosemanmooseman Posts: 126member, I didn't know there were so many cheap a-holes in the world. They'll spend 40 large on their jacked up station wagons but won't drop $129 on a bad ass upgrade. I guess the high gas prices couple with the poor mileage is putting the squeeze on.

    Shit, who am I kidding. I bet the average age of the whiners is 17.5 years old. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    cowofwarcowofwar Posts: 98member
    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>

    Apparently it's $19.95 if you bought a new comp in the last 6 months...Can I use my p4 system?

    Could they possibly chArge any moRe foR A simple point release? I understand the required development Costs but $129.00 seems just a little bit excessive. I guess not many people are purcHasing new macinOshes to justify R&D for a free update.


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    eupfhoriaeupfhoria Posts: 257member
    [quote]Originally posted by mooseman:


    Shit, who am I kidding. I bet the average age of the whiners is 17.5 years old. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> </strong><hr></blockquote>

    I happen to be 17.2 years old thank you.

    &lt;planning on buying jaguar, not .Mac&gt;
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    I think those of us that jumped on the OS X bandwagon when it first came out feel like we're being punished for not waiting until 10.2. Why should we have to pay for a full upgrade like the OS 9.2 users? We've already invested in OS X. Current OS X users should get an "upgrade" price. As much as I like the features of OS X.2, I'm not going to fork out an additional $129 on the same OS.
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    stevesteve Posts: 523member
    [quote]Originally posted by cowofwar:

    Could they possibly chArge any moRe foR A simple point release? I understand the required development Costs but $129.00 seems just a little bit excessive. I guess not many people are purcHasing new macinOshes to justify R&D for a free update.


    <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    It seems to me Apple is really pushing OS X. Duh. So they can't release 10.5 now and XI in January. They need to play out the OS X moniker and garner name recognition. Some dumbass "Apple Specialist" at CompUSA actually called it OS "ex" 10.2 instead of 10.5 is for meatheads like him. We'll be stuck with 10.x.x for quite some time folks.

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    [quote]Originally posted by RevEvs:

    <strong>Well, went to check the UK edu store to see the prices, and as usual in the UK we are being screwed!

    US Edu price: $69

    UK edu price: £70!

    £70 = $110!

    anf then none of the features in Sherlock 3 are going to work in the UK, as usual, and iphoto's prints features probably wont work.....</strong><hr></blockquote>


    We get way screwed here. It's partly due to 18% VAT plus "other". Its even more expensive on the high streets ('main' streets for yanks)

    if you want a laptop, you can buy a low season ticket to NYC and buy it there for the same cost as london.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    [quote] Apparently it's $19.95 if you bought a new comp in the last 6 months <hr></blockquote>

    from Apple's site:

    [quote] Apple would like to give you the opportunity to upgrade to Mac OS X v10.2 ?Jaguar.? Customers who purchase a qualifying new Macintosh computer on or after July 17, 2002, that does not have Mac OS X v10.2 ?Jaguar? included can upgrade to Mac OS X v10.2 ?Jaguar? for US$19.95.* See ?Terms and Conditions? for program details. <hr></blockquote>

    I wish you were right. A friend of mine 'switched' two months ago. I am the one who introduced him to the Mac and have helped him along since. Now, he has to pay $130 to upgrade a brand new dual-gig PM!?

    Thats just not right. Ive used X since PB and wish it were an upgrade price for me, but my friend has a new machine. I think Apple is going to put a bad taste into the mouths of their new customers. Who wouldn't be pissed about having to pay $130 right after a $3000 purchase.

    Look at the 'Up-To-Date' rules. They only count if you bought a Mac yesterday or sooner <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    firehcfirehc Posts: 368member
    what am i gonna do with the three coupons that came with the imac 3 months ago?

    frame them!
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    Here's why paying full price for an upgrade sucks...

    1) Windows has an "upgrade" price that is different than the full price.

    2) Linux has a free upgrade price. This is somewhat important to note, since OS X is built on top of a unix platform. (Hence, many of the "upgrades" were built by people other than Apple employees)

    3) Quartz Extreme... Jeez, in every other operating system, the company making the cards provide support for the video cards. It seems that Apple can (and probably did) negotiate for the videocard makers to write most of that software.

    4) Rendezvous... this better be pretty revolutionary since it's an utter breeze to set up networked file systems on Linux. I can't believe what a PITA it is to use NFS on OS X.

    5) Improved Mail client. Whoopee... you can get a fairly decent mail client for free on any other OS.

    I could go on and on about the other "150" features that Apple is providing. As many have noted, most of the supposed features are things that other vendors supply for free now. It's not my fault that Apple is ramping up the learning curve and figuring out how to build unix apps. Yes, most of this software should have been in the 10.1 release.

    Now, I know that Apple did do some work beyond and above what other vendors provide and they definitely should be compensated for it. However, the bulk of the work that they have done (converting the system to unix) was covered in 10.0, and they should definitely charge full price for anybody converting up from OS 9.

    Don't get me wrong, I would have no troubles payin $129 for an upgrade from 10.1.5 to 10.2, but people going from OS 9 to 10.2 should then be paying something like $199.

    Finally, Apple is having a rough time in the business sector and they need to prop up revenues. Charging their entire client base $129 for a system upgrade is a great way to do that, but it's incredibly shortsighted. What will the average customer think? Gee, I better not buy now, because I'll get screwed if Apple comes out with something new. Just imagine how those who bought on July 16th felt. Do you think they are happy about having to shell out another $129 just because they decided to buy a day too early? How about those who buy on July 17th and find out, whoops, they didn't get 10.2. Now they have to pay an extra $20 just to get what should have been included. Hmm, I wonder how many people might postpone that order...
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    reidreid Posts: 190member
    Think of this more as Mac OS X 2.0. With an upgraded kernel, major changes to the user interface, and added features (including more iApps), that's a more accurate description based on the numbering scheme we were used to back in the old days. Then, you would pay $99 for a new copy of System 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9. The only reason Apple was compelled to release 10.1 for "free" is that 10.0 was such of such obvious pre-release quality.

    Not that I'm happy to have to shell out $129 for a new OS, $49 to keep my iDisk/HomePage, and $29 to upgrade QuickTime (again), but this upgrade price is not exactly inconsistent with past behavior.
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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member
    OS 9 was released 4 YEARS AGO. Prices go up. Little kids ( or grownups that haven't ) don't want to pay for anything and have Apple float the bill, All this because Apple offered you a chance to get started early with OS X.

    We have been over this so much that threads like this have worn a hole in the ground. Some people just don't want to pay for things and always get it free.

    Wouldn't it be nice if all those people at Apple that just worked so hard to produce this worked for free ( for us ).

    Well, I want a girl friend that looks like a model, has the brain of Einstein, the soul of a poet, and always loves me no matter what. Think I'm going to get that? This thread is extra childish and extra stupid.

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    jaredjared Posts: 639member
    Sp Apple release five 10.1.x releases for free and as soon as they come out with a major upgrade to the OS people complain. I think it is time for people to start to grow up. The last paid OS Apple released was 10.0.0 itself, unless you waited for 10.1 and in this case it is your problem that you will have to pay for 10.2.

    Just my 2¢
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    cobracobra Posts: 253member
    [quote]what am i gonna do with the three coupons that came with the imac 3 months ago?<hr></blockquote>

    They will come in handy when you run out of toilet paper.

    Thats what I am going to do for my 33 day old machine.
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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member
    If it was paper that's what I'd do with this thread. Poor baby someone got in on a special offer that you didn't. Well I spent well over $3000.00 on my G4 tower set up 2 years ago and it's starting to get old. The HDTV I bought in December is $ 400.00 less now. I feel cheated ( not ).

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