First 'Steve Jobs' review calls film 'must-see,' hails Michael Fassbender's 'enthralling' performanc



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    Unless Sorkin is a director or producer, writers don't usually influence casting.

    Already posted the story above from Ars.
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    So you'd rather an actor who isn't as good as Fassbender play Jobs because?..

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    Originally Posted by peejaybee View Post

    So you'd rather an actor who isn't as good as Fassbender play Jobs because?..


    Not sure how to reply to an opinion posed as a fact.
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    And here was the result. The director had the final word (which is exactly what I've been saying)...



    Pascal e-mailed back, saying that she loved the idea and that she was going to talk to Boyle about it. But the next day she e-mailed Sorkin again to say that Boyle “seems committed to” Michael Fassbender for the part.


    Unless you have control over the financial component of the moviemaking, your opinion is largely irrelevant.

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    techlover wrote: »
    You are talking about a different movie.

    Don't skip Gibney's documentary though. Whether you like it or not it is still worth watching.

    I know what you mean, but it's also bad enough that you shouldn't regret skipping it, especially the last half or so, where Gibney begins to twist the story to fit the "Haunted Empire" thesis.

    The end effect is toxic, especially to people who don't know the larger story of Jobs' and Apple's evolution. Gibney suppresses the redemptive features of the story quite cynically, and there's a good case to be made for boycotting the movie. A personal boycot, I mean, not an organized one. It should just die from neglect, that movie.
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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post


    I think it will be fine as Michael Fassbender is an actual actor, unlike the others you mentioned. 

    Kutcher is fine. He does a specific kind of movies, but then again Hollywood pigeonholes people. He's also apparently a savvy investor.

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    Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

    Further. Citizen Kane was non linear.

    Which The Social Network seemed to borrow the narrative style of as well.

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    interesting movie ....... i found this podcast w/ some inside info & experiences with Steve from someone who worked with him at Apple directly; including Steve's reaction to early AirPlay and iPod technologies ... interesting as well ...

    11:45 – inside info on development of original Apple Airplay (originally called AirTunes)

    21:20 – story about early technology and early development of the iPhone w/ Steve Jobs

    26:02 – inside info on Apple’s original wireless router business

    27:14 - inside info on "what you learn working at Apple"

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