Apple's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus now available for preorder



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    just pre-ordered mine as well - apple store app. T-Mobile, 128 gb 6s+ in space grey.

    Update. After being on hold for 45 minutes, I got through to T-Mobile to check out the jump on demand. Same phone as above, but instead of$1024.92 after tax, it cost me $199.99 up front and $24/mo for 18 months. At that point, I pay $263.50 and it's mine. Total cost: $895.49. A savings of $129.43. Guess I'll be canceling my Apple Store order. Now to see if T-Mobile will just let me pay the whole amount now...
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    Apple should have made the color available in Gold-black too. I always think new color is the selling point for the "S" models beside the gut.
    In the future, besides main colors, Apple should make more colors for "S" models. Look like there'll be 4 colors for new phone and cut down to 2 after a year as the trend now.
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    MyATT app on iPad didn't show the "I Agree" check box under Terms so couldn't pull the trigger on my order. Switched to iMac and order for rose 6s 64 went through fine at 8:30 AM PST. Ships 9/24.
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    P.S. Tried to order using ATT contract option via Apple Store but only the ATT NEXT option available through Apple. Had to buy directly from ATT to get that.
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    Originally Posted by jellybelly View Post

    I clicked the link on the Apple site at 12:01 and the page still has not come up 48 minutes later.

    After 5 minutes, I thought I'd give the AT&T site a try. I was on hold there for a few minutes. When the AT&T site was ready for me, the shipping estimate was already at October 16th to October 25th. How could that be?

    I'll be a little annoyed if I could have just gone to the local Apple Store on September 25th and picked one up. I will be across the country Sept. 30th to Oct. 8th. I really wanted to have the new 6s Plus before the trip so I could use it for some photography. How did you guys get a Sept. 25th delivery date?

    Those were the earliest dates offered by AT&T.  The 9/25 dates are through

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    Would like to know why the 6S is 40 to 60€ more expensive as the 6 last year.... That is about 5% more expensive. Yet in the USA, same price....
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    The dollar is up vs. the Euro relative to last year. Hence the price differential.
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    pakitt wrote: »
    Would like to know why the 6S is 40 to 60€ more expensive as the 6 last year.... That is about 5% more expensive. Yet in the USA, same price....

    :???: Of course it's the same price in the US. Apple is a US company. Prices rise and fall elsewhere based on the expectation of value of the US dollar. Of course, the US market has its own fluctuations for Apple, too, but that is built into every device by determining costs associated with each build, which will also include an expectation of unit sales in order to maintain margins, which itself is calculated based on the strength of the US dollar through the countless companies in dozens of countries in which they need to contract with in order to make this product happen.
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    I could not get in till 7 minutes after midnight on apples website, there was problems, but when I did my space grey 64 gig 6sPlus went through just fine for September 25th delivery.

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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    The utterly shallow and impatient person that I am, the 128GB rosé champagne 6s is preordered and promised for September 25. image

    (It would not let me do ApplePay or in-store pickup, for some reason!? Also, a new $15 activation fee).

    Add: Apple is doomed™, as usual. No wait, too easy to order, so nobody must want the new iPhone 6s.

    Yeah notice that $15.00 fee too, I checked into it, Im with ATT and the fee comes from them, should have known.   ATT reams you any way they can.

    Luckily I bought my 6sPlus outright, or I would have been hit with there new $45.00 activation fee.

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    Originally Posted by jfc1138 View Post

    "One can leave the iPhone at home and Apple Pay still works fine using an Apple Watch." I didn't realize that. Interesting. I thought Apple Pay was tighter linked to Touch I. D. than that for some reason.

    Touch ID is required for online Apple Pay support from within apps.  However, it's not required for in store purchases.  Apple Watch with an iPhone 5 or 5C (no Touch ID) used for setup and syncing and then left at home is enough for Apple Watch to support Apple Pay.


    See the bottom of this page:

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    Originally Posted by iWatchamacallit View Post

    The iPad version of the Apple Store app allows to make a reservation for in-store purchase.

    I tried to do that last night through there website and it let me but as I was reserving one at one of the three local apple stores they all changed from available to out of stock. LOL I didn't get mine in fast enough and just had to have one shipped to me direct from apple

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    Originally Posted by reklss41 View Post


    Wow, apple website saying no option for discounted upgrade on my grandfathered unlimited subsidized plan. Only options was full price or NEXT. Had to order through ATT website! Anyone else get this? 

    This is because ATT changed there policy it was all over the websites about 2 months ago, 

    It is ATT's fault not apples. ATT will not let anyone 3rd party including Apple sell on a 2 year subsidized contract anymore.  To get the 2 year you have to go directly to ATT. (Im on ATT by the way and I have a grandfathered unlimited plan)

    Simply put ATT and all of the carriers are pushing to get rid of the subsidized plans altogether and making you purchase the phone outright through ATT Next. Check here: http://************/2015/05/21/apple-att-drop-two-year-contracts/

                                                  nine to 5 mac

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    Originally Posted by pakitt View Post

    Would like to know why the 6S is 40 to 60€ more expensive as the 6 last year.... That is about 5% more expensive. Yet in the USA, same price....

    If you look at the value of the euros in dollars then compared to now, it actually costs less in dollars than last year, because last year at this time a euro was worth $1.30, now it's only worth $1.13.


    In other words,


    739 euros (6s price) x 1.13 = $835.07

    699 euros (6 price?) x 1.30 = $908.70


    So you're paying more, but Apple is also charging less in dollar terms to help relieve some of the burden of a less favorable exchange rate.

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    Just signed up for T-Mobile's jump on demand, works out to ~17% discount and still got 9/25 shipping date, not bad at all!
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    I think I'll refer to it as the copper iPhone from here on.


    Copper would have been great. The reality is beige, pink and two shades of gray.

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    jollypaul wrote: »
    I think I'll refer to it as the copper iPhone from here on.

    Copper would have been great. The reality is beige, pink and two shades of gray.

    From what I've seen -- Areola may be closer to the real color  ;)
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    I was pleasantly surprised at the sprint store this morning. I was planning to do a 2-yr plan with paying $299 now and then having it mixed in with the bill afterward. Instead we got the lease plan on 2 6s 64's for $9.77 each/month. The plan we share with friends has a $10 loyalty benefit per line per month! No money down and a cheaper monthly lease than I have seen anywhere works for me!! I can't wait for 9/25.

    The Store Mgr. said iPhones/samsung are about 60/40 now and said way more people are switching to iPhone than the other way around. That ties in with TC's comments and bodes well for the future.
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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,454member
    Originally Posted by JollyPaul View Post



    Copper would have been great. The reality is beige, pink and two shades of gray.

    Have you actually seen these in the Apple Store yet? Most of the people commenting have likely only seen pictures so far. Copper would have been great for me, personally, and certainly men who want something other than silver and black, and don't do the gold thing, but that may very well be the point if it's actually more pink-looking -- there really isn't a phone that appeals primarily to women. So 1 in 4 isn't too bad. I don't especially care for the gold phone, but I do think it's tastefully done -- I wouldn't call it beige at all. 


    But I do wonder if, just like the ?Watch sizing, whether there will be a notable amount of returns due to the color not measuring up to expectations after ordering it sight unseen. In fact I wonder if anyone ordered a gold and rose gold, just like they did with the ?Watch, to ensure they get one they like from day one, and return or sell the other.

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    Was a more confusing time with the upgrade program and even att was trying to sell me on there next program . But ordered through att says 9-25 delivery . I usually order through apple but they didn't offer 2 year commitment discount . Order 6s 128 space grey , the plus still seems just to big and unless I missed in the keynote they didn't really talk about what differentiates the two .
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