Apple creates mysterious 'eye in speech bubble' emoji for release in iOS 9.1



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    You'd better watch what you say!   <img class=" src="" />  

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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,492member
    We are just back from a swing through Europe and Turkey. I noticed that eye emblem was very prominent in Turkey, appearing on many items of jewelry, ceramic and glass products and a nice set of shot glasses I bought. So I'm going with it means whisky! ;)
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,492member
    cali wrote: »
    That's because it usually IS nonsense.

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    Eye see what you are saying = turn on captioning?
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    It seems to be a way to push Apple Music. Every time you use the symbol it starts to play Eye in the Sky by The Alan Parsons Project. Apple can work in other songs at random like Private Eyes, Betty Davis Eyes, and all the songs by the Blacked Eyed Peas to start with. Others?

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    Instead working on emojis on 9,1 , work mostly on some apps which doesn't work in Europe which doesn't use English language, there are many apps which don't work with this IOS9 update, thought Apple worked international, but , I thought wrong !!!!!!!!..........
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    Nothing ominous I'm sure ;)


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    Originally Posted by TechLover View Post


    Maybe I am too old but I just don't understand emoji.


    Other than basic faces like ;) :p :\ I am all :???: 


    People send me emoji things like "Pizza Ice Cream Dog Thumbs Up x 3." 


    Is it that hard to say "Lets go for pizza and ice cream, I'm bringing the dog."


    It all just seems like nonsense to me.


    What is the emoji for "GET OFF MY LAWN!"

    Add me to the curmudgeon pile.  Doesn't it take about 10x longer to look up all those emoji than just type the d*mn words?

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    arlorarlor Posts: 529member

    Originally Posted by D.J. Adequate View Post

    iOS = Eye Of Sauron

    It all makes sense now. Next announcement, Apple Ring of Power.


    That's the Watch. It's a little oversized.

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    I'm going with something as simple as an emoji for "I see what you're saying"
    Seems kind of elegant to me.
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    Eye (i) message
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