Rose gold iPhone 6s models said to represent as much as 40% of preorders



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    Originally Posted by Gonza124 View Post

    That explains my situation...

    I pre ordered my boss's iPhone 6s Plus (64 GB, Space Grey) 10 minutes after pre orders started through Apple and he will be receiving his on launch day.

    My wife's iPhone 6s Plus (64 GB, Rose Gold) was ordered on the 15th from AT&T and continues to show estimated ship date of October 27-November 3.

    Now my iPhone 6s Plus (64 GB, Space Grey) was also ordered at the same time as my wife's through AT&T and originally showed an estimated ship date of October 20-27 then three days ago it went down to October 13-20 and yesterday I received a tracking number from UPS showing it shipped via UPS Next Day Air Saver and a delivery date on launch day!

    How Apple (and Carriers) handle these pre orders is just confusing. Sadly my wife still has to wait a long time!

    Anyone else experience what I am experiencing?


    Its not confusing... Rose Gold is massively more popular than the Apple production/offer, thus your wife waits.


    With the initial surge of order they maybe believed they couldn't serve your order space gray early, but probably ordering for space grey turned out to be AS EXPECTED in the end and thus they can deliver to you on launch day.

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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,670member
    sog35 wrote: »
    What color is rose?
    I'd assume some kind of lovely red. I assume peeps find the rose gold lovely but from the photos it looks putrid to me.
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    How the frigg does this guy know this? Supply chain source data would not indicate how many Rose Gold iPhones have been ordered. The only way I can think of him knowing this info is by knowing the person/people in charge of shipping fulfillment at Foxconn.


    I may not know how this stuff works but common sense tells me this. Am I missing something?

    No. Common sense caused me to make this "wild and idiotic" claim 2 days and 20 hours ago:

    I'm guessing a solid over-the-top sell rate of every single one that Apple can manufacture through January.

    This color addition is HUGE to the bottom line, because it will even pull in the 6 digit thousands from 6 and 6+ users upgrading not because they really need to... but because they want the "next big fashion statement". Girl-Ga-Ga stuff here... and a few guys as well.

    I said "guessing" rather than know, and I'm not a Chinese analyst.

    Curious if believing a number of Confucius sayings would help my position? :p
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    dewmedewme Posts: 3,809member

    The "pinky" may be ahead based on preorders but once the supply chain catches up and the bulk of phone orders are filled its percentage of total sales will drop significantly. I guess this shows there was a pent up demand for pink iPhones. Hey, whatever it takes to keep the numbers up. For those who truly believe they're getting a "shiny penny copper" toned phone rather than a pink one that will blush at them as they unbox it - there's a huge variety of cases available to tone down the pink. Unless of course you want to celebrate pinkness and pump up the pink volume with a striking and highly complementary Hello Kitty case. Purr on pink iPhone lovers - it's all good.8-)

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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,379member
    I am one of the 40%

    and due to work, I'm out of town tonight through Sunday for work and won't get my spanking new pink phone until Sunday night;-(.  In fact, I'm likely passing my iphone on the road as drives down to the local distribution center this afternoon. 

    Good for you. I still have a problem seeing pink as a color I'd use though, struggle as I may. I cannot get past seeing the new nursery all 'pinked out' awaiting the baby girl, in my mind's eye. No doubt Apple will help remove that preconception over time as we all become gender neutral on color. :D.
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,034member
    badmonk wrote: »
    oh Wall Street with your crazy targets....14 million in 3 days????
    so they can have the reason to downgrade AAPL when Apple can't beat their fucking ridiculous estimation.
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    Originally Posted by paxman View Post

    I'd assume some kind of lovely red. I assume peeps find the rose gold lovely but from the photos it looks putrid to me.


    Well, mine just arrived and in my house lighting, it looks to have a very copperish tinge.   It's very nice.    Not as pink as the Apple Watch Sport looked at the Apple Store.  Need to see it in brighter light and sunlight but it looks very nice.

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    Originally Posted by Cpsro View Post


    I've seen the rose gold Apple Watch Sport, which is pink, and been assured by Apple store employees that the rose gold iPhone will be identical in color and finish.

    I have my Rose Gold phone right here and in the fluorescent lighting of my kitchen, it is more copperish than the Apple Watch Sport I saw.  Need to see it in sunlight.  Very nice.  Very similar to the picture at the top of this thread in color with a light coppery sheen to it.   Hard to describe.

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