Inside iOS 9: Apple makes it easier to upgrade with automatic overnight updates, smaller files



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    Whatever happened to the old rumored idea of using the Time Capsule as an update hub for the home?

    The idea was if you have a Time Capsule with a enough storage, it could be used not just to Time Machine-backup your Macs, but for wireless iOS device backups too. It could also detect software updates when they become available from Apple, and download them immediately. Then the Time Capsule would notify each device to let them know an update was available. The update is already downloaded, and is quickly served over the local network at 802.11ac speeds.

    I know it hardly seems necessary now that iCloud services are so mature and robust, but I can still see some benefit to OTA updates and backup that run entirely locally.
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    Local bkups to the TC for iOS would have been great esp for folks that don't need a Mac and don't want their bkups in the cloud.

    But at this point I'd trade all that just to be able to use back to my Mac from my iOS device. With a bit of iOS to Mac bkup auto waking up my Mac and running when my Mac was sleeping via wake on network.
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    I have had the rather unpleasant experience of updates failing on vanilla iOS, so now you cant say you have never heard of this happening.

    It does happen and it can put the fear of God (other supranatural entaties are available) in you when it does. There's nothing like having an expensive paperweight and an overwhelming urge to find a computer post haste to get it fixed!



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    The iOS 9.0 update failed for a lot of people, myself included, due to an issue where the code at the "Slide to Upgrade" prompt was unresponsive.


    In fact, the fix for that update bug was the number one item in the list of 9.0.1 bug fixes:



    iOS 9.0 also failed for me, and it was not the first upgrade to fail. Ever since 7.1 I have had problems with my iPhones or iPads that usually require a full restoration or even a device replacement. Before that, my iPhones and iPads were rock-solid. The problems have happened both with OTA updates or with iTunes-connected updates. The Apple Store Geniuses said there is something corrupted on my devices that gets carried over each update (and is not present on my wife's iPhone). What it is, nobody knows, but it does respond to device replacement at least for the first restoration/update. I've never jailbroken my phone. My only vice is that I have many apps on my devices (over 1300 apps organized in folders).


    After failing to restore multiple times after a failed 9.0 update, I finally broke down and completely set up my iPhone 6 as new and downloaded only 150 apps that I consider the most essential for now. I am currently restoring my iPad Air (again) after updating to 9.1. The iTunes restoration failed (would not download apps no matter how much prompting I did), and I am doing an iCloud restoration that is taking many hours. I fear that I may have to set up the iPad as new also and lose years of organizing apps on the iPad. 

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    I use a 16 GB phone. I actually went from a 32 GB 5S to a 16 GB 6 to a 16 GB 6S+. The availability of iCloud Photo Library allowed me to get back into a 16 GB phone quite comfortably with a few GB free. I'm pretty fastidious about deleting apps and games I no longer use and I use the cloud for photos, videos, and music. Even on a limited data plan (I dropped unlimited last year to gain tethering since I was only using 2-3 GB most months) I find this works well for me.


    Also, there are loads of people who don't use their smartphone for 50% of their record collection, just a bunch of podcasts that get deleted, have no videos on it and don't download all the new free apps as long as they have some space left.  Those who say you need 32 would be surprised at how many truly don't hit 13.  There's a big world of people out there  who like using the technology but don't get a thrill from morefasterbetter.

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    Originally Posted by DipDog3

    When you use your iPhone for an alarm so you make it that important meeting in the morning, it's going to suck if the update fails & your alarm doesn't go off!

    I have never had, nor heard of (unless jailbroken - then all bets are off) an update failing. At all. And I am a day one user of iOS.

    This is truly not something to be concerned about.

    Actually, it is a problem even if the update works. I woke up this morning realizing my alarm hadn't gone off because the "Hello" screen of my successful update had overridden it. I really hope Apple takes note and fixes this issue. The overnight download is a great feature, but not helpful at all if it prevents the phone from functioning on a very basic level.
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    I've tried this option for update 2-3 times now and each time I wake up in the morning with my iPad requesting permission to update even though I already agreed to the terms and told it to update at night. Am I misunderstanding how this should work?
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