List anything about everything about why Macs are better than PCs...

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OK, we all know that Macs are better than PCs. So lets list anything about everything about how Macs are better. |||||||||||List only things about how Macs are better||||||||||| Also, number the reasons...I'll get you started...

1: Mac OS X NEVER crashes!!!


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    2. No .dll hell.

    3. No Windows Product Activation.
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    4: No crappy support.

    5: HUGE selection of free software.
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    yurin8oryurin8or Posts: 120member
    short list eh?
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    Ya, you would think it would be cuz it's only been going on for an hour...
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    no windows Xp

    safer than windws

    yuou can use linux and unix software as well

    no crashes as said..

    dragn drop

    in windows i liked one application: notepad.

    if u put bbedit lite into mac it works better than notepad.

    more stabile

    the graph applications work better

    some apples have white keyboard and microsoft doesnt - u can use the latop in dark and see your fingers with no extra light

    i could do a loong list for this ...
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,408member
    I Beams disappear and do not obstruct my typing.

    USB works without hassle

    I don't have to plug the mouse to the back of the computer.

    Moving files can be done even if they're open.

    UI is nicer to look at.

    No Serial numbers needed.

    More logical structure to system hierarchy

    gotta go
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    Next one is 25 btw... list the numbers...
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    Hmurchison in summary: A Mac's best friend and Bill Gates worst enemy .

    25: Not run by Bill Gates.
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    26: services (ala. AppleSpell in OmniWeb)

    27: global menubar

    28: nice HI Guidelines that most (good) developers stick to

    29: Quartz-style antiaiasing

    30: a "fluid" UI

    31: Final Cut Pro

    32: the free "iApps" - iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, iChat

    33: UNIX foundation with a powerful terminal

    34: seamless integration over the UNIX foundation -- you only see the UNIX if you want to

    35: no viruses to worry about

    36: the clean organization of System Preferences

    37: apps aren't dependent on an open window to be open

    38: spring-loaded folders

    39: pretty icons

    40: friendly support and discussion communities like AppleInsider

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    Brad: Another Bill hater...
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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    41. Lack of Ad-Aware due to the lack of #$#@ spyware slowing windows down

    42. Because it is the answer to the universe

    43. Minimize really looks cool

    44. Dock sure beats the taskbar

    45. Force quit actually works

    46. MS Office X is better on this side

    47. You can be a Uber geek and kernel hacker if you really wanted to

    48. It isn't bloated

    49. You join the ranks of the higher intellect
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    50. Things just work. Printing, cd burning, mice, networks, everything.

    51. A laptop that gets enough battery life to be actually useful.

    52. Great support (community and, now, the Apple Stores).

    53. OS X

    54. Easy backup and reinstallation (if needed).

    55. Drag and drop installation of applications.

    56. Drag and dump uninstallation of applications.

    57. The iPod.

    58. A seriously cool user base.

    59. Disk images.

    60. UNIX (I know, already said) so web development is a dream.

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    61. they look AMAZING (both the OS and the computer itself)

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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member

    62) You don't click "Start" to shut down

    63) You don't have to OK all 10 windows when you install something

    64) You don't have to supervise your computer through the startup process.

    A window that never works is called a wall, hence: Where's WaldoXP

    EDIT: Fixed numbers

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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    65. Well thought out industrial design. Mostly.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    66. mac allows u to play bubble trouble. best and most funny game i ever played!! and i am not a kid by the way!!
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    trevormtrevorm Posts: 841member
    67. iApps

    68. Easy for the first time user

    69. Setting up computer (when you buy it) couldnt be easier.

    70. Doesnt take almost an Hour to install new OS!!!!
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    trevormtrevorm Posts: 841member
    OH I almost forgot:

    71. The STYLE thats associated with MAC.... and its users too

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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    72. A large chunk of self-delusion in every box! Free!
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    rodukroduk Posts: 706member
    73. Sex appeal
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