new powerbook release for Tokyo ?

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The powerbook are nearly one year old now.

I think there is great chances ,that Apple present his first major revision in february at Tokyo.

Japaneses are traditionnaly very found of Apple's laptops, i think it will be a good place to show the new model if he exists. Futhermore, Apple has to show something new, and definitively it won't be a new powermac, or a new i mac, or a new i book (perhaps the i book will top at 700 mhz and have radeon mobility in it, larger HD, but definitively not any major revision).

So it can be a new powerbook,, or a new device, or both of them.

What do you think ?

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    Sure, I think so.

    Too bad it won't get a superdrive...(I'm assuming)
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    I think the Pismo 500 was introduced in Tokyo two years ago so there is some precedent for new laptops coming out at MWT. My speculation is that both the iBook and TiBook will see faster processors, more memory, improved graphics, possibly better battery life.

    I doubt it will happen but I would like to see a better keyboard for the iBook. Also would like to see a different version iBook that would come in about two pounds lighter.
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    [quote]Originally posted by neutrino23:

    <strong>I doubt it will happen but I would like to see a better keyboard for the iBook.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    What's wrong with the current iBook keyboard? I think it's excellent. It's also exactly the same as on the PowerBook G4.

    [quote]<strong>Also would like to see a different version iBook that would come in about two pounds lighter.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Now you're speakin' my language. [Barry White voice from iTunes commercial]

    I'm very happy with the iBook, but I would still welcome a drop in weight.

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    I doubt there'lll be a mjor revision. Just another speed increase.
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    Hopefully there will be a big revision to both machines. They need to be the "bar none" best laptops around.
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    To all the subnotebook people... eat healthy, take vitamins, work-out, lift weights you nellies! Now stop complaining. 5 pounds is light enough.
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    Agreed, Matsu.
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    here is what i hope- PB will be before MWT. i am thinking Seybold is not out of the ?? or it may just be a quiet press release. all it will be is a speed bump and mayabe (doubtful) graphics chip change..... i think an iBook at MWT is very possible. the market there is good for the smaller iBook than a PB and no real iBook updates since the bump to 600s in oct. (yes i know we got a 14" at MWSF but that is a new model, not so much a change across board) the iBook will get a definate speed bump (still G3, but hopefully the saraha [750fx] chips) and a graphic card revision (they will finally realize 8MB ATI rage is not that great)

    i also hope that iBook gets a better keyboard! i hate that "spongy" spot right around the middle of the keyboard where the Airport card sits (if your iBook has it), iBook keys are not as stiff as the PB's

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