SALE! Got something to sell/trade? List within!

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Save on ebay costs. I'd like to see a forum about selling things and listing sites which have good prices. So in that spirit, I'll start things off!

I have a AGP Rage 128 card from a Graphite tower in prefect working order. Will sell for a reasonable offer.

I also have a Zip 100 IDE internal from a another G4, also in perfect working order. Will sell for a reasonable offer.

I also have a 9 GB IDE Maxtor Drive for sale. It works great (I upgraded to a larger one recently). It can come preloaded with an OS if ya like.

I have more to sell and will list it as I can. I accept paypal. Contact me at [email protected]

Also, to anyone posting after this, as a general rule lets try to post the products, how you accept payment, contact information, and lastly remember to come back and edit your posts and remove stuff which has sold. If this gets enough traffic the good old admins said they will start a seperate forum.

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    More items:

    Quantam Fireball 6 GB IDE Hard Drive, also working perfectly and can come with an OS on it.

    SCSI terminators (I have plenty!)

    Imation USB SuperDisk drive [2nd revision]. (works fine but comes with no disks)

    An almost new 32 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX AGP card from another G4. [I have 2 folks interested]

    SCSI CD-Rom Drive from 1995 working fine (internal)

    Make an offer on anything. I am also in search of a better PCI graphics card for a Blue and White G3 which only has PCI (and currently has a Rage 128 w/ dvd decoder chip). Anybody know of one or consider trading?

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    warpdwarpd Posts: 204member
    I am looking to trade my iBook 700, and a Powermac 500 (DVD-RAM) for a PB G4667 Both are totaly loaded, let me know if you are [email protected]
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    I have this stuff:

    $5 each + shipping, all of it for $15 + shipping


    1 Apple Personal Laser Printers NTR

    1 Apple Personal Laser Printers NT

    1 AGFA Studio Scanner II that needs a new bulb--SCSI interface

    1 Centris 6500 w/32mb ram and lots of apps installed

    expect UPS ground to be around $20 each, so that is where most of the cost will be

    * Working Mac SE/30 - $15 + UPS ground

    * Mac 7100/66 w/1.2 GB hard drive, 32mb ram -- $20 + shipping

    * 2 14" Apple Color Displays - $10 each + shipping

    * 1 20" Apple Vision 850 - $80 + shipping

    * Lot of 5 Classic mice - $5 + shipping

    I can send pictures of any of this stuff if you want.

    If you are interested, email me at [email protected]


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    willoughbywilloughby Posts: 1,457member
    [quote]Originally posted by Not Unlike Myself:


    An almost new 32 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX AGP card from another G4.


    Will that work in a 2x AGP G4?? If so how much and does it come with any drivers I might need?

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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member
    Anyone want to buy my Radeon 7500 AGP card with ADC?
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    These items are looking for a new owner as well

    1) APS-Tech(LaCie) 12x10x32 Ext. SCSI CDRW

    - using Sanyo mechanism

    - Sanyo Burn-Proof technology

    - APS 104486 part number

    - bought in Feb/2001 from APS-Tech online store

    - still in working condition

    - comes with "Tools of the Trade" and un-opened LaCie CD [Toast 4(Mac), EasyCD Creator(Win), and DirectCD(Win)].

    - works with Mac OS X DiscBurn and Toast 5.


    $85 (included shipping, SCSI cable, and retail box)

    2) Apple Airport Base Station 1.1(Graphite)

    - in working condition(still wrapped)

    - S/N PW1095xxxxx Model#: M7601LL/B

    - with AC adapter, modem(RJ11) cable, mounting bracket, manual, and un-opened CD v1.2

    - bought in March/2001 from AppleStore


    $110 (included shipping and retail box)

    3) iOGear USB 1.1 4-port HUB(Bondi)

    - MiniHub Plus (Bus/Self-powered)

    - in working condition

    - includes USB cable and AC adapter

    - Model #: G-UH7144

    - 5.5"(L) x 2.75"(W) x 1.25"(H)


    $10 (included shipping)

    4) Iomega USB Zip(original Blue)

    - in working condition

    - includes USB cable and AC adapter

    - Model # Z100USB

    - Comes with Five(5) Zip100 Disks in the

    Iomega blue storage case, can store upto 6 disks


    $60 (included shipping)

    5) Mac OS X: The Missing Manual

    - By Davil Pogue

    - Progue Press/O'Reilly

    - Covers version 10.1

    - ISBN: 0-596-00082-0

    - Clean and no mark


    $10 (included shipping)

    6) RATOC Ultra SCSI CardBus

    - Model CB31Pismo

    - Works with Mac OS X 10.1.x and PowerBook G3 and G4(Titanium)

    - Ultra-SCSI speed 20MB/sec

    - Includes SCSI-2 Hi-Density 50P cable and HD50-C50 Adapter

    - Supports softRAID(softRAID, LLC)

    - includes CD and manual


    $50 (includes shipping in retail box)

    All the items are clean and carefully handle. I think these price are reasonable after I have checked with eBay, but they are negotiable. Feel free to leave me a message at [email protected]


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    tooltool Posts: 242member
    I'm looking to sell this:


    1 GB of ram

    60GB hard drive (Maxtor 7200rpm)

    ATI Radeon 8500 (64MB)

    Superdrive (Pioneer DVR-104, what is currently shipping in new macs)

    Internal Zip Drive

    External Sony Spressa firewire cdrw

    iMation superdisk floppy drive

    no internal modem

    Apple Pro Keyboard

    Kensington optical mouse

    Ultra ATA 133/100 pro card (for the hard drive)

    Espon Perfection 610u scanner included

    I can switch out the superdrive for the original dvd-rom.

    Software would include OSX up to 10.1.5 (would include 10.2 depending on if/when it sold) and OS9.2.2

    I can set up the hard drive any way you want...but will probably be blank so you can install and set up your own log/pass for OSX.

    Original box is included...

    I am wanting around $1000 but am willing to negotiate. I want to get the dual 867 so help a brother out

    Contact me at johnkyatmacdotcom

    I also have a 1996 Cannondale SuperV900 full suspension mt bike in very good condition! (I will even have it cleaned/tuned up before sale). I upgraded the gripshifts to Shimano Deore LX. Clipless peddles are included, but will swap them out if you want.

    I would like to get $900 for this bike but am willing to negotiate. (bike was $1600 new)

    Also a 98 Trek 4000 mt bike with Rock Shox Judy T2's on the front.

    $400 and am willing to negotiate.

    Pics of the above merchandise provided upon request.

    That's it for now....

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    I still have some SGI equipment...

    Silicon Graphics Indy, R4400SC

    o 32MB RAM

    o 500MB hdd

    o IRIX 5.4 preloaded

    o 8 bit graphcis

    o Indy Presenter Flat Panel

    o Take it all away from me for $70 + shipping

    Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Teal

    o Needs a processor module, ram, and a hdd

    o $50 + shipping

    Silicon Graphics Graphite 17" CRT (Sony tube)

    o Low hours, perfect image

    o $65 + shipping
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    I`ll take the 7500 how much you want for it, e-mail me, [email protected], and we can talk if you want. What do you think is the best powerbook I could trade my dual 533 for? i would kill for one of em

    EDIT: i didnt notice Willoughby

    already called the geforce 2MX my bad

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    Until Private Messaging returns don't forget to stick you email addresses on here. For the folks interested in the AGP Geforce 2 MX from a 733 mhz Digital Audio G4, email me at [email protected] and name your price. I see similar ones sell for $39 on pricewatch so I figure roughly half of that is fair. Lemmie know. [email protected]

    More Items:

    60 GB IBM 7200 RPM Hard Drive (preloaded with whatever OS ya like) [SOLD! PENDINGING PAYMENT]

    256 MB PC 100 SDRAM (1 chip)

    2 sererate 256 MB PC 133 SDRAM modules (2 chips)

    Firewire Cables (the kind that came with new Macs)

    SCSI adapters (turn the micro scsi into a db 25)

    Open for offers folks.

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    btoberbtober Posts: 69member
    I have 2 Apple DVI to ADC Adapters that I need to sell. Both are new in their original, unopened box. These are used to connect a PowerBook G4 (with DVI connector) or a Power Mac with a DVI video card to one of Apple's ADC LCD displays, including the 15" and 17" Studio Displays as well as the 22" and 23" Cinema Displays.

    Price - $100 each plus shipping.

    One of these adapters is listed on eBay:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    You can email me at btober at

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I'm looking for a small replacement hard drive for my Wallstreet, perhaps a 4-8 GB one. I'm looking for something REALLY cheap here so as long as it works and doesn't have a click of death or anything, I'll be fine with it. Doesn't matter if it's slow, it just has to fit in a Wallstreet PowerBook. Mine has a 2GB drive and it's a bit too cramped to run OS X. I don't need any OS or software on it.

    I'm also looking for a 256 MB SO-DIMM RAM module that will work in this same Wallstreet. I have the standard 32 MB one that came factory installed, and one 128 MB module in the other slot. So I want to replace the 32 with a 256. I believe it has to be low profile, 100MHz or faster. I know Apple's specs say that it will only work with a 64 + 128 configuration, but many people have reported them working with even a 256 + 256 configuration.

    EDIT: I forgot to add my email address! It's [email protected]

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    not unlike: i call the that 60 gig hard drive how much you want for it?

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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    .........i might downgrade to a gf2mx, so I'll have a gf3 for sale [depending on gf2mx performance in general OS usage in jaguar]........
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    batdz why would you want to downgrade?
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    Additional to the above 6 items, I found more stuff to go.

    Farallon Starlet/5

    - 10BT Ethernet Hub, 5 ports

    - Model no: PN530/5

    - Includes two(2) CAT5 cables and AC adapter


    $20 (included shipping)

    Kodak CD-R Ultima 650MB/74Min

    - packed in spindle form

    - each spindle contains 50 CD-R disks


    $20 (included shipping)

    *There are three(3) spindles available for sale.

    Motorolla/Nextel i1000Plus Digital cellphone

    - Nextel Direct Connect calling/Two-way radio

    - VibraCall, CallerID, Speed dial

    - Tegic's T9 text entry

    - Battery(NTN8614A), travel charger, carry holder with belt clip, user's guide, and un-opened demo VHS tape.

    - 4.5"(L) x 2.2"(W) x 1.2"(H) @5.4 oz.

    - Runs on Nextel iDEN network


    $55 (includes shipping in retail box)

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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    PCI Rage128


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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    mount my floppy::

    I have a cube [which eventually, when the pseudo G5's come out, will become a file server]. I would like to take advantage of jaguar, w/out running an extra fan [from the gf3], which means more noise. Since the box is going to just sit there & look pretty in the future, I would rather try & keep it as quite as possible for now [forever].

    I bought a gf3 from someone, haven't installed it yet [cube is in transit]. I've decided to wait for some users to post up the difference between the gf2mx [no fan] and the gf3 for the cube before I make my decision to keep or sell.

    I don't play games [that much]. I'm hoping using the OS in general won't vary between the two much. [i don't think it will].

    So around a week after jaguar, i might have a gf3 to sell
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    willoughbywilloughby Posts: 1,457member
    [quote]Originally posted by M3D Jack:

    <strong>I still have some SGI equipment...

    Silicon Graphics Indy, R4400SC

    o 32MB RAM

    o 500MB hdd

    o IRIX 5.4 preloaded

    o 8 bit graphcis

    o Indy Presenter Flat Panel

    o Take it all away from me for $70 + shipping


    I'm very interested in this M3D Jack. How much do you think shipping would cost? Is it pretty heavy?

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    marsmars Posts: 51member
    [quote]Originally posted by M3D Jack:

    <strong>I still have some SGI equipment...

    Silicon Graphics Indy, R4400SC

    o 32MB RAM

    o 500MB hdd

    o IRIX 5.4 preloaded

    o 8 bit graphcis

    o Indy Presenter Flat Panel

    o Take it all away from me for $70 + shipping


    I too am interested. Where is it shipping from?

    I also have an iBook 600 combo with 384 ram to sell.
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